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What happened at Aldi this Saturday? Dozens of people lined up for long minutes, “we expected this” (photo)

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This Saturday, the Aldi store in Izegem opened its doors for the first time. A store of the famous sign which had a particularity since it was not a traditional Aldi. For the past few months, the chain has temporarily opened non-food outlet stores: office chairs, garden furniture, exercise bikes… You can find all sorts of items there at reduced prices.

The Izegem store was therefore one of those and we can say that the opening aroused the interest of customers. As the Nieuwsblad reports, it was a real crowd-pleaser. From 8 o’clock in the morning, half an hour before the opening (!), several people were already waiting. And the line has only swelled over the minutes. When the doors opened, there were forty people queuing.

“We often shop at Aldi. When we learned that the outlet was going to open, we did not hesitate to take a walk. Especially since everything is getting much more expensive, it was indeed interesting to come and take a look, ”explains Sylvie, a client who came at 8:05 a.m. to our colleagues. If she arrived so early, it was because she knew what was going to happen. “We expected it to be crowded. When we arrived there were actually a few people ahead of us, but mostly we saw the queue behind us getting longer by the minute. »

For Tom, another customer in the line, it was out of the question to miss such a moment when he had to plan a move. “I have to admit: I’m an Aldi fan. Even to the point of taking pictures of Aldi when I’m abroad. So it was a bit like an amusement park for me. »

Despite the crowd success, the opening went off without a hitch. “Everything happened very calmly and people respected each other. Of course, the fact that the supply and the stock were sufficient also made the difference”, Sylvie specifies.