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Webdesign: Top 10 essential and free tools!

Webdesign is an essential phase in the creation of your website. The organization of the pages, the arrangement of colors and images as well as the fluidity of navigation are all elements to take into account to satisfy your users. To put all your information forward and take care of your brand image, you need tools. This is obvious! Here are the top 10 essential and free web design tools…

Tools to create prototypes and mockups

Navigation features and essential layout ideas to include during development can be showcased with mockups, a user interface prototype.

marvel app

Students, UXers, designers and entrepreneurs? Marvel App is suitable for quickly prototyping ideas to share with teams and clients. With its intuitive interface, it is suitable for both beginners and design professionals.

Ideal for creating application prototypes, it is also suitable for obtaining a responsive design site by creating a mobile version. Its touch areas allow you to organize your demo dynamically by linking each of the screens.


Origami, available on iOS and Mac, is ideal for designing modern interfaces without having to develop lines of code. This free, Sketch-compatible software lets you easily create complete visuals and wireframes using its app and library of graphics assets.


Although Balsamiq is not yet available in French, it is suitable for everyone, even those who do not have graphic design skills. This complete and intuitive tool is suitable for the easy and fast creation of mockups.

Software to choose colors

Adobe Color

From the creators of the Adobe suite, Adobe Color is part of Adobe’s larger Creative Cloud suite along with Lightroom and Photoshop tools. This free web design tool allows you to combine different colors. To create custom color palettes, between composite, triad or monochrome for example, you can extract colors from an image or apply color harmony rules. It is possible to access this platform from mobile devices or from a desktop computer. However, the standalone Adobe Color application cannot be downloaded.

Color code

Color Code is a free software that teaches you more about the meaning of colors. Thus, you can choose the most suitable one according to the theme of your website. Choose reference images to effectively combine different colors. The HTML codes are then indicated to you for each color association created.

Tools for testing fonts

Google Fonts

Through Google Fonts, Google makes its free font hosting service available to you. Whatever typography you choose, it offers you the possibility of harmoniously combining different kinds of fonts. This platform also provides access to download more than a thousand different fonts.


Do you want to test the association of two fonts? Opt for Typecast. This free webdesign tool, not available in French at the moment, helps you control the readability and rendering of associations according to the colors and fonts chosen. This verification can be done according to screen sizes, whether it is a mobile, a tablet or a computer.

With this tool you can simulate the combination of different titles, paragraphs and full texts. Typecast also allows for better control of the loading time of each page. It is suitable for doing a quick test of fonts before switching to Photoshop.

Platforms to create visuals


Photoshop is THE benchmark for creating and editing images. Thanks to its powerful interface, you can create a mobile application, the complete webdesign of a website or other types of visuals. Nevertheless, there are several great free alternatives to Photoshop.

Can go

With Canva, you have the possibility to create all kinds of designs, such as banners, logos or other kinds of visuals. No need to have the skills of a graphic designer to create quality visuals thanks to its “drag and drop” interface. Templates at your disposal allow you to customize the fonts and color codes according to your tastes. This free online tool also gives you access to a royalty-free image bank.


Unsplash is one of the free royalty-free image banks to find different professional quality images while saving money. To find photos there, simply click on the categories offered or type keywords, in line with the themes of your content, in the search bar. Every day more than 100 new images are added to this online photo library. It is fed by the photos of more than 125,000 amateur and professional photographers who make them available to users free of charge.

Although some French keywords are accepted, it is always better to do an English search to access several images organized into albums, color choices, and display filters, concerning the shape and orientation of the image.