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We played the new Saints Row: A Wish version of GTA?

For the past few months, a certain press specializing in video games has been making players foam by presenting Saints Row as a serious competitor to GTA. In a context where GTA 5 was released 9 years ago (already!) and where the release of GTA 6 is long overdue, it must be said that the proposal is attractive. But let’s say it right away, if you’re looking for an alternative to the height of GTA, you may be very disappointed with Saints Row.

A GTA-like, really?

Basically, however, the comparison is not so silly. Saints Row is played third in a huge open world that offers complete freedom. You can steal any car, chase the police, shoot anything that moves and take on rival gangs. Saints Row also remains faithful to its origins by offering a gritty, even clumsy humor, without giving the player the slightest respite. Like it or not, but it’s been the trademark of the license for more than 15 years.

A graphic disappointment

On the other hand, on the form, we are far from the standards that Rockstar applies to the GTA saga. Graphically first of all, Saints Row is extremely disappointing. On the newer home consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X), gamers can prioritize Performance (where the game is ugly but smooth) or Quality Mode (where it’s a little prettier but jerky). In short, nothing really satisfying. In terms of graphics, the game is painful to see and does not seem to do much better than GTA 5 released almost 10 years ago. And again, we played it on Xbox Series X. We dare not imagine the quality offered on PS4 or Xbox One.

A big nanar totally assumed

But graphics aren’t everything. The main thing remains the pleasure of play. But here again, our impressions are rather mixed. As we have said, the Saints Row saga stands out for its humor. This new album is no exception to the rule. Saints Row is a totally assumed big nanar. An advice ? Turn your brain off when you play it. And it starts with the creation of the character (male or female, it’s up to you) where you can choose the size of the chest and the “groin” (not to say penis) on a scale of 1 to 100, choose the type of “nipples” as well as the small sticker that will blur your sex (an eggplant for example).

Saints Row tells how the criminal empire of the Saints was born. You will have to set up your gang, find your HQ and gradually expand in the city by installing activities that are not entirely legal. Over the missions, you earn money, weapons, vehicles and unlock new abilities and skills. All this is linked very quickly but Saints Row leaves so much in all directions that we never really have fun. In addition, we are not really helped in certain areas. The AI, for example, is very disappointing. Another element that completely spoils the immersion: the end of the missions is super abrupt. Once the current objective is reached, the mission ends, a loading screen appears and you are automatically teleported to the starting point, even if there are still 10 enemies around you.

Our Verdict

Saints Row is a game that we would have liked to like. Unfortunately, the result did not meet our expectations. Schoolboy humor is not everything and too many small flaws spoil the gaming experience. After more than 15 years, we have to face the facts: the Saints Row saga will probably forever remain a Wish version of GTA , a kind of GTA but less good and more cheap. 3/5