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“We learned it at the same time as the viewers”: Laurent Kérusoré swings on the stop of “Plus belle la vie”

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In an interview with “Ici Paris”, published on July 27, Laurent Kérusoré, star actor of “Plus belle la vie”, attacked the leaders of France Télévisions on their way of announcing the end of the series. French cult of France 3.

Last May, after weeks of rumors and speculation, the management of France Télévisions confirmed the bad news to the teams of “Plus belle la vie”… Launched in 2004, France 3’s flagship soap opera will end definitively in the month next November.

A decision that deeply affected the actors of the series, starting with Laurent Kérusoré, worried about his future: “I think it’s going to be complicated, but I expect it“, he said a few days ago in “Gala”. “This stop is painful because in 18 years, my life has been built around the series“, he explained.

This concern is also mixed with anger: the actor, who plays Thomas Marci in the soap opera, regrets the way in which the end of the series was announced to the teams. “Ms Ernotte (note, Delphine Ernotte, president of France Télévisions) didn’t even move to tell us the bad news, not even a letter“, he regretted with our colleagues.

That’s pathetic from a public service channel.

Laurent Kérusoré does not digest the behavior of the leader…”She sent one of her right arms. We were fired by an enarque who, in two years, will work in a bank or at Orange […] All the actors and technicians are, despite everything, in a positive spirit, without any hatred, but I really would not like to be in the place of the leaders of France Télévisions“, he continued before adding: “It happened in the worst possible way. (…) We learned it at the same time as the viewers“.

On the other hand, for him, “More beautiful life had become a kind ofFrench antidepressant“and had no reason to be arrested.”There is something very social in ‘Plus belle la vie’. Remove a program that helps people, it’s pathetic from a public service channel. We have often been ahead on many social issues and its evolution. We are very proud of it“, he pointed out.