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Water in the gas between Stéphanie McMahon and Paul Heyman?

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It was the big news last week, Vince McMahon announced to retire. A departure that leaves the field is open to the new duo who will now lead the WWE: Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan.

A change of direction that raises questions about the relationship she will have with the top stars of the company. On this sweet July night, it is on the case of Paul Heyman that we are going to linger.

Heyman and Stephanie had a falling out in the 2000s, so it’s all the more interesting to look at the status of their relationship. It was the specialized journalist Wade Keller who tackled the subject in a podcast on the site. He tells us :

“Heyman was the head of ECW and he revolutionized wrestling. He then ended up in WWE and he had a fight with Stephanie McMahon. they seem to get along a lot better now. For real, it even seems that there is a real dynamic between them, something really positive. Nothing to do with the 2000s. So Heyman is someone one to keep an eye on, he’s very smart and has wrestling in his blood.”

If the McMahon daughter and Paul Heyman would spin the perfect love, what about Heyman and Nick Khan? Keller continues:

“I’ve often wondered what the relationship is between Khan and Heyman. Especially with all the attitude he’s heard from the era, but Heyman frankly isn’t the same guy he used to be. is 20 years old. Becoming a father has really made him gain in maturity. Now he tends to make fun of people who have not evolved like him despite their age. Again, you have to keep an eye on Heyman. He is very close to Lesnar, Rousey and Reigns. Triple H and Stephanie might want to pocket it. So that would give us Nick for the business side, and a trio of Stephanie, HHH and Heyman for the rest.”

You will have understood it, Heyman has his card to play in the new WWE which is emerging. The next few months will tell us more about the place it will occupy.

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