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Walloon taxation of motorhomes: “A specific measure for a type of utility would be discriminatory and unfair”

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Providing a specific measure for a type of utility, namely motorhomes, would be “totally discriminatory and unfair”, said the Walloon Budget Minister, Adrien Dolimont, Monday, in committee of the regional parliament where he was questioned on the subject by the group leader of the Committed, François Desquesnes.

Earlier in the day, the latter had denounced the explosion in the amount of registration and circulation taxes imposed on motorhome owners following the entry into force of the decree for fairer taxation in Wallonia. This text, originally brought by Jean-Luc Crucke then Minister of the Budget, equates, according to Les Engagés, motorhomes with powerful automobiles and no longer with utilities.

“Contrary to what you say, these vehicles have remained utility vehicles at the tax level. On the other hand, the tax regime applicable to all utility vehicles, including motorhomes but not only (pick-ups and others…), has has actually been modified by the decree of December 22, 2021 for a fairer tax. And since January 1, 2022, the favorable tax regime from which these utilities can benefit is reserved for professional users”, for his part explained Minister Dolimont. “These new provisions provide that the utility vehicle is henceforth excluded from the favorable regime if it is not used, even partially, either for the exercise of the professional activity of a natural person, or for the performance of object of a legal entity. The majority of motorhomes will never meet this particular condition of professional use given their use essentially dedicated to leisure”he added. “I can understand the feelings of users of this type of vehicle, unhappy to see that future acquisitions of motorhomes will generally be subject to ordinary car taxation”continued the Minister. “But I also understand that of all users of utility type vehicles who may be impacted in the future by this change in legislation”, he nuanced.

According to Adrien Dolimont, it would therefore be “Totally discriminatory and unfair to provide a specific measure for a type of utility, knowing that the condition imposed by the decree of December 22, 2021 does not make any differentiation according to the type of utility, but according to the use that the ‘we do.” “Returning specifically to a category of utilities will immediately lead to discrimination that is not justifiable, neither legally nor ethically”, finally insisted the Minister without convincing the group leader of the Engagés who again pleaded for a return to the previous system.

“You explain that the current reform is good; that we must continue. In June, your party president said he wanted to support a popular right. However, your action as a Liberal minister is quite the opposite. past situation would only nullify the taxing rage that is in progress today”, thus estimated François Desquesnes.