You are currently viewing Walibi sharply increases its prices: “a mix between the crisis, major investments and an extended opening in 2023”

Walibi sharply increases its prices: “a mix between the crisis, major investments and an extended opening in 2023”

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The crisis spares no one, especially when you are a big consumer of electricity like Walibi. The amusement park is a victim of the general price increase and has decided to increase its prices for the 2023 season, as indicated by our colleagues from Sudpresse, with an adult ticket which will increase from 42 to 45 euros and a child ticket from 37 to 40 euros. In terms of subscriptions too, the increase is clear, the platinum version going from 299 to 399 euros. But can the crisis alone justify these increases? “It’s a mix of many thingsadvances Jean-Christophe Parent, boss of the park. We must not forget that we have already invested 67 million euros in the park since 2018, without necessarily passing it on to the prices of subscriptions and tickets. Today, we face skyrocketing energy bills, but we also have to take into account the rise in the price of the foodstuffs we need in our restaurants, or even all the products we sell in our stores that cost us more expensive in production. In fact, we are like the majority of sectors…

Another element also comes into play: the park will be open longer in 2023. A project that had been in the works for a few years and which is confirmed today. “It’s on our agenda and it’s on our sidehe assures. We will reopen in early December 2023 after a break following the Halloween period. The aim is to open the park for all school holidays and even more, with small closures for maintenance at different times of the year.

The price of tickets and subscriptions therefore also adapts to this longer opening, even if it only represents a few days in the year 2023, let’s agree.

Another “event” will mark the year 2023 in Walibi, an extended closure, in two stages, of Aqualibi. “The first part comes as an extension of the two to three weeks of maintenance that we do each yearsays Jean-Christophe Parent. This closure will this time be 6 weeks to change the roof of Aqualibi. It is a project which has been underway for two years and which aims to increase the insulation of the roof with a structure of 5 layers rather than 2 currently. All this is part of our desire to reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy consumption. It’s not panic football at all (sic)!

The second closure will make it possible to build a new toboggan tower, as planned in the investment plan presented in 2017. “There is no secret about it, indeed. It is an investment that will improve the experience of our visitors and is part of our overall strategy.

Finally, Walibi announces the construction in the coming months of a field of solar panels in the Dalton car park, which will allow “generate 90% of Aqualibi’s electricity consumption“, concludes the boss of Walibi.