Wage increases threatened for four years with the wage margin of -5.9%

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With a wage margin of -5.9%, there will be no salary increase to negotiate in January for the next two years. Even four or six years, given the gap with neighboring countries. The FGTB rejects this scenario, refusing that there is no increase in remuneration while the profit margins of companies are on the rise.

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Lhe G10 meets this Thursday evening. Bosses and unions must agree on the distribution of the welfare envelope. And, if the debates evolve well (the positions would have come closer), it will also be a question of salaries. Indeed, according to our information, the Central Economic Council has made good progress in its calculation of the maximum wage margin, the formula of which is set in the law of 1996 reformed in 2017. It calculates the situation of Belgian wages in relation to that in the three neighboring countries and sets the highest increase that the social partners can negotiate. A figure circulates: -5.9%. He could still move a little… at the margin.

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