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VR: how to migrate your Facebook account to a Meta account?

All users of Meta, formerly Oculus, virtual reality headsets will need to migrate to a Meta account by the end of the year. Here’s how it works for Meta Quest 2 users, as well as anyone who’s merged their Oculus and Facebook accounts.

In 2020, Oculus launched its Quest 2 virtual reality headset. At the time, the parent company, now called Meta, also announced that any new Oculus account will need to be linked to a Facebook account, and that all existing accounts will have to migrate before 2023. This requirement caused an outcry online, and was the main criticism leveled at the new headset. Many internet users have indicated that they would not buy the Quest 2 because they did not want to create a Facebook account.

Meta abandons the Facebook account for its VR headsets

Critics pointed to Facebook’s already extensive information gathering, which will then have access to all of the headset’s data. In addition, any game purchase is linked to the profile on the social network. If the account is deleted because of a Facebook post, potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars in purchases will be lost. Not to mention that Facebook had to adjust its algorithms that detect fake profiles because many new owners of the helmet saw their profile automatically deleted without recourse within hours of its creation.

Meta eventually bowed to criticism, and announced that it would no longer be necessary to use a Facebook account. However, the Oculus brand being destined to disappear little by little in favor of Meta, it will not be possible to simply separate your Facebook account and return to an Oculus account. Moreover, those who use the brand’s previous headset models and who have not merged their account will no longer be able to log in with an Oculus account from 1er January 2023. In the coming months, all users will be required to create a Meta account, whether they use the Quest, Quest 2, Rift, Rift S or Go.

Switch to a Meta account

To get started, make sure you’re logged into Facebook (and with the correct profile if you have multiple accounts), then go to and click on Allow essential cookies. You will automatically see this same procedure when you open the mobile application or the software on PC.

If you merged your accounts or created an Oculus account using your Facebook account, click Continue with Facebook. Alternatively, if you’re using a headset other than the Quest 2 and haven’t merged your accounts, click Continue with Oculus. The procedure will then be essentially the same.

Click on To allowthen authorize Meta to access your Facebook account by clicking on Continue as

The site then displays your profile for VR. Verify that this is the correct account, and click Next. At this point, the site tells you if you haven’t yet updated your headset to be compatible with the new Meta accounts. In this case, turn it on and proceed with the update. Then click on Continue.

At this point, the new Meta account you are creating will automatically pick up all of your games. You can choose whether or not to associate your Facebook account with your Meta account. Click on Continue without Facebook to separate them.

If you refuse to use your Facebook account, you will need to log in with the email address that was associated with your account. Click on Next.

Open your email and copy the code received, then paste it on the site and click on Continue. Then create a new password for your Meta account, then click on Next.

Finally, click on Complete account setup.

The site then switches to English for an unknown reason and goes to the configuration of the Horizon profile associated with your Meta account. Click on Next, then enter a username. This is the one that will be displayed publicly in games. Click on Next. Then choose the privacy level: public (Open to everyone), contacts only (Friends and family) or private (Solo). Then click on Reviewand finally on Accept and Continue then Finish.

Open the mobile app and tap Log in with an email addressthen identify yourself.

Finally, put on the helmet which then displays an 8-character code. Write it down and then go to the address Enter the code then click on Connect your device. Your headset should then restart and be automatically logged in with the new account.