You are currently viewing Virginie Efira confides in her complicated role as a mother-in-law: “We are looking for her place”

Virginie Efira confides in her complicated role as a mother-in-law: “We are looking for her place”

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Virginie Efira remembers her role as a mother-in-law when she appeared in the cast of the film The Children of Others, in theaters this week. With lucidity, she confides in a complicated experience.

Virginie Efira is starring in the film Other people’s children by Rebecca Zlotowski in which she plays Rachel, a 40-year-old woman who becomes attached to the daughter of her new companion who is only 4 years old. The film deals with the relationship of children with their mother-in-law and the way in which she apprehends life as a couple within a blended family. “The question arises of knowing what we represent for the other and for how long, but also what we can transmit and what remains of us after our death” confided Virginie Efira at the microphone of RTL in this regard, emphasizing that it is also a question of motherhood and of a form of“feminine impotence” to give life.

A tailor-made role for the actress who celebrated her 45th birthday last spring. “I recognized in Rachel a strength of vitality coupled with a great lack of confidence” she explained to Female Versionbefore indulging in his own story. “I was a mother-in-law at 22 and the relationship to the child, I know it” she continued, remembering her relationship with actor Patrick Ridremont in the early 2000s, with whom she married when he already had three children. “We no longer know if we count, if our opinion is valid, if we should step aside. In short, we are looking for our place” she said, before continuing: “What is the one granted to you by the father? The mother? The child too who, sometimes, is tired of seeing you in his circle. So what can we weave with him? Should we participate in his education? It’s a precious relationship, but the limits of which are not well defined..

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The impact of motherhood on her career

Virginie Efira also added that all these questions found their answers more easily for a mother. “With your own child, it’s more instinctive” she said, referring to her first child with director Mabrouk El Mechri: Ali. The actress briefly mentioned her daughter, now 9 years old and with whom she seems particularly complicit, suggesting that motherhood had had an impact on her life and on her career. “Being a mother affects my work and vice versa, my relationship to the world has been different since my daughter has been in my life. She is also there on the sets, even if what interests her is to be with me. Not my job” she asserted.

Virginie Efira ended this interview by talking about her projects. She is currently filming a series for Disney+ which deals with the consequences of a childhood illness for those around her, and has recently played in love and forests by Valérie Donzelli then Rodeo, the first fiction film by a documentary filmmaker. She concluded by having a few words for the films shot with the actor who shares his life since 2018: Niels Schneider.

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