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Vince McMahon could return for WrestleMania 39

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It appears that Vince McMahon is not fully finished with WWE despite stepping back from his role as Chairman and Director of the Creative Team at the company.

Indeed, the American newspaper The Sun has learned from an internal source of the company that there are currently discussions to pay tribute to Vince McMahon on WWE screens. Vince McMahon would therefore not have completely finished with the WWE.

Despite the departure of Vince McMahon, no farewell segment took place on our screens. In current plans, the possibility of having him at WrestleMania 39 next April in Los Angeles is currently being studied. The goal would be to honor him for all he has created. The other possibility would be to see Vince McMahon join the WWE Hall of Fame 2023. Which would imply in any case his presence during the long weekend of WM.

Currently, this information has only been confirmed by The Sun and the biggest show of 2023 is still a long way off. We will have to watch the next news to see if any of these plans can be realized. What do you think of seeing Vince McMahon again for a final tribute?

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