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Villers-la-Ville: back to the hiccup that followed the Hooverphonic concert

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The minority councilor therefore wanted to know if a debriefing had been done by the Commune with the officials of the abbey, and if so, what was said there.

In fact, a reflection was carried out and Robin Perpète (Ensemble pour Villers), who sits on the board of directors of the ASBL managing the abbey, specified that it had been recognized that the gauge was too large: 6 000 people is too much for the configuration of the venue, at least for events which imply that the public arrives at about the same time, then that everyone then leaves at the same time. There will therefore be no such event in the future.

“The first real big hiccup in twenty years”

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.nuanced the mayor, Emmanuel Burton.This is the first real big hitch in twenty years of events on the site, even if we know that it is never easy when there are people at the abbey.

For the Night of the Choirs, the arrival and departure of the spectators are more spread out in the evening. And given what happened in June, municipal technicians and the police went to the field before the weekend to check the measures to be taken in order to avoid new worries. Alderman Philippe Vanhollebeke thus indicated that it had been agreed, in this context, that the passage of pedestrians and that of vehicles between the site and the various car parks would be well separated. Because that’s what caused the blockages in particular after the Hooverphonic concert.

In reality, upon analysis, several problems arose and the main one is that about sixty stewards were planned to direct people and manage the car parks, but these people did not show up… And part of the public was already quite annoyed by an on-site failure of the electronic payment devices. Hence the tensions and the avalanche of complaints…