You are currently viewing Video: that’s it, a youtuber tested the accident detection of the new iPhone

Video: that’s it, a youtuber tested the accident detection of the new iPhone

During its last “Keynote”, Apple unveiled a whole new generation of smartphones, but also of connected watches. During this presentation, the Silicon Valley giant announced that the iPhone 14 as well as the Apple Watch SE, 8 and Ultra had a feature capable of saving your life in the event of a car accident!

To check…

Indeed, thanks to a whole series of new sensors, the latest devices from the Apple brand are able to detect if you have had an accident. In which case, they would automatically send a distress signal to the emergency services. Internet being what it is, some immediately wanted to check this feature in real conditions…

It works !

The TechRax YouTube channel naturally taped an iPhone 14 Pro to the headrest of a Mercury Grand Marquis before sending it to several vehicle wrecks. Surprise… Accident detection has been triggered! Nice job Apple. And fortunately, youtubers are there to test this kind of functionality…

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