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Video game sales – PlayStation 5 drops 44% in Europe, while Nintendo and Microsoft see sales increase – GeekNPlay

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Currently we know that Nintendo sells Switches in pallets, that the PlayStation 5 is difficult to find on sale and that Microsoft no longer communicates the figures… However, some companies would benefit from communicating if we are to believe Gameintrustry.

Why ? Because the site gameintrustry vent to share a very serious article on the subject and the figures are not good for some and in particular for Sony.

Indeed, the site shares the European figures for this beginning of the year 2022…Big surprise, we learn that sony sold less than 2 million playstation5 which represents a free fall in the territory with sales 44% less important than last year! It stings doesn’t it?

Besides that, the sales of the nintendo-switch on the European continent increase by 7%, while the Microsoft’s Xbox Series also do well with a 9% increase…Interesting figures that need to be put into perspective.

Indeed, it is worth remembering that since COVID-19, the semiconductor market has been blocked and that many companies can no longer produce consoles, computers, smartphones and even cars… Each using its vein to supply itself and certain firms arrive there better than others.

Besides that, we could also congratulate Nintendo, which has been feeding the Nintendo Switch with exclusivity for months (Mario Strikers, Switch Sports, Xenoblades Chronicle 3…) and which attracts players wishing to have fun on it.

For Microsoftit would seem that the choice to offer two consoles was promising, because if the Xbox Series X is difficult to access, it is not uncommon to encounter Xbox Series S on the shelves, as well as on online sales sites. Verdict some players take the step and it is currently a good alternative coupled with the Xbox Game Pass.

Besides that, the article also teaches us several things about title sales such as the fact thatElden Ring was the UK’s No. 1 selling game, while Pokemon Legends: Arceus was No. 1 in Germany and France. Meanwhile, it’s FIFA 22 which dominated the first six months in Spain and Italy.

If you want to know more, we invite you to read the article of our colleagues accessible here.

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