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Velveteen Dream responds to EC3 accusations

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Back in early September, EC3 uncovered an old story from 2018 when he was on NXT and exposed Velveteen Dream filming the private parts of WWE stars.

Entering her bathroom, EC3 saw Velveteen Dream’s phone turned on, filming the private parts of the WWE stars present during her private party. You can re-read the full story right here if you missed the news.

Here we are two weeks later and Velveteen Dream just saw the news on the web. Indeed, he made a live Instagram to respond to the accusations and deny this story:

Velveteen Dream explains that he just found out about the news while he was at his dad’s house helping him with his computer and came across the EC3 interview. Velveteen Dream says it was a private party between four friends and a girlfriend from EC3, he insists on protecting the identities of the other two people as one of them is still in WWE. It was a drunken night since EC3 was under the influence of cocaine during this party and he would have imagined things including this story. He adds :

“I left my phone on the bathroom counter and you were unsure of my sexual orientation at the time because of the character I was playing on screen. And because we weren’t real friends in life, you tried to accuse me of recording you in your own house. I went to our mutual friend, who no longer works for WWE, a former NXT wrestler, and I showed him my phone and he went through my photos and my videos, and my recently deleted files. Just to prove to you and the other person that was there that I have respect for him and that he has a job, I’m not going to mention it. He proved to you that I wasn’t recording you. Cocaine is a terrible EC3 drug. Solve your problems with .”

Dream ends by questioning EC3’s opinion because of his cocaine use, but also the fact that EC3 still follows him on Instagram. For him, it makes no sense to follow someone on Instagram after all these years if this story was true.

A story that would therefore be false according to Velveteen Dream. There was no lawsuit surrounding it, so it will be impossible to know the truth unless the wrestler present decides to break the silence. EC3 did not react to this statement.

In the meantime, Velveteen Dream will have to appear in court on September 19 following his recent arrest for possession of drugs.

Photo credit: WWE