You are currently viewing Update 2.1: All the new things brought with Overwatch 2!

Update 2.1: All the new things brought with Overwatch 2!

Update 2.0 has just been deployed on Overwatch 2. This marks the launch of the title with the arrival of Sojourn, the Queen of Junkers, Kiriko, Push mode, six new maps, the passage to 5v5 and a myriad of new cosmetic customizations. Find all the details in the full patch notes below.

patch notes 2.1

Welcome to Overwatch 2!


We designed Overwatch 2 as a unique and free gaming experience for all players. Choose from 35 amazing characters and form a team to engage in 5v5 battles with 22 maps and 6 distinct game modes. Whether you’re the type to lead the charge, set up ambushes or support your team, you’re bound to find a character you like.

We are pleased to bring you a list of updates and new features that you can experience in-game!


  • Added Sojourn, Kiriko, and Queen of Junkers. Find all the characters, old and new, on our Heroes page.
  • Tank, damage, and support characters get new passive role abilities.
  • Thousands of new voice lines and improved story interactions for all heroes and heroines.
  • There are over 44,000 lines of dialogue in play: you’re not done making new discoveries!
  • The in-battle sound design has been reworked for all characters.
  • All character models and visual effects have been updated.


  • Accessibility features.
  • Premium Battle Pass from Season 1.
  • Update for competitive games.
  • Cross-platform progression.
  • First user experience.
  • New standard game mode, 5v5.
  • New challenge system.
  • New types of ornamental objects: lucky charms, name cards, memories, titles, mythical models like Genji cyber demon…
  • New History tab on the Career page where you can find your game reports.
  • New in-game currency: Overwatch Coins.
  • New card type: Advanced.
  • Marking system.
  • Shop 2.0.
  • Six new maps: New Queen Street, Royal Circuit, Midtown, Colosseo, Esperança, Paraíso and “day” and “night” variants for many existing maps.
  • SMS protection.
  • Updated recommendation system.
  • To learn more about these features, visit the News page.


  • OWL Hub will not be available at launch.
  • Creating and editing modes in the Forge will not be available at launch.


  • Highlights are now accessible from your Career History tab.
  • Role queuing is removed for all game modes except Quick Matches.
  • The patch notes are no longer in the main menu but in the pause menu.


  • Attack cards have been removed from the playlist for all modes (but remain available in Custom Games).
  • The general discussion has been deleted.
  • Squad Finder has been removed.
  • Chests have been removed.
  • Player levels have been removed (although you can view your old level in your Career).


  • 3D audio system for all platforms.
  • Support for dynamic rendering scale on PC.
  • Added HDR on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.
  • The maximum refresh rate is increased to 600 fps.