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Up to 30 cents cheaper: Filling up is now more interesting in Lorraine

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Definitely, it is the end of a golden age for Luxembourg service stations, which on September 1 are posting less attractive prices than certain stations in Lorraine. Here’s where to refuel cheaper.

After years of displaying unbeatable prices, service stations in the Grand Duchy will have to suffer again the disaster scenario: pump tourism could well change sides.

Indeed, as last June, fuels became on September 1 cheaper in several French resorts.

As we suspected, the end on September 1 of the reduction of 7.5 cents on fuel prices in Luxembourg falls at the worst time, while France decides on the same date to make increase your discount from 18 to 30 cents (until November 1, when its amount will be reduced to 10 cents until December 31). Not to mention that Total stations display an additional discount of 20 cents per litre.

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This morning, we therefore compared the latest prices displayed on each side of the border. Around 10 a.m., the first figures are clear: in some stations, the match is already folded.

First, here are the prices displayed this morning in Luxembourg, with the end of the discount of 7.5 cents:

  • Diesel fuel: 1.895 euro/l
  • SP95: 1.716 euro/l
  • SP98: 1.924 euro/l

Here are the rates that can be found in some stations this morning in Lorraine:

  • Diesel fuel: 1.739 euro/l (in Thionville, Total) ; 1,762 euro/l (match supermarket in Dieuze), 1,780 (Total, in Rosbruck, etc.)
  • SP95: 1.498 euro/l (in Thionville, Total); 1,677 (in Dieuze); 1.57 (in Rosbruck),
  • SP98: 1.608 euro/l (in Thionville, Total); 1,723 (in Dieuze); 1.610 (in Rosbruck).

With their additional discount of 20 cents, Total stations are already taken by storm, as we saw this morning in Thionville. Especially for the SP98 which is in some stations nearly 30 cents cheaper! We also noticed that even certain motorway service stations in France display attractive prices, although they are known to charge particularly high prices.

But will this gap be sufficient to cause an influx of Luxembourg customers to French stations? Indeed, if we base ourselves on a full tank of 50 liters of diesel, it costs 94.5 euros in Luxembourg (at 1.895 euro/l), and 87 euros in Thionville (at 1.739 euro/l). That is a difference of just over 7 euros on a full tank. On the other hand, this difference should obviously be enough to push French cross-border commuters to shun Luxembourg resorts and to refuel close to home.


To see more clearly, here are some sites and applications to find out the prices of stations in France:

  • The safest and most reliable site, because it is official, is, a government platform, which announces an update every ten minutes.
  • The site uses government data, but updates are less frequent.
  • There are also apps like Diesel Now which works thanks to geolocation to offer a map around you, Petrol & Co offers the same thing, or the application gaspal. And some GPS and traffic-type apps like Waze also offer their users to share information on station prices.

*We have selected only the most up-to-date rates, as prices are likely to change quickly.