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Unusual: Prince Harry’s briefs sold at auction reach crazy sums

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People and royalty

If today Prince Harry is enjoying happy days with Meghan Markle and their two children, William’s brother has not always led such a quiet life.

In the columns of the Mirror, Carrie Reichert, a former stripper, made revelations a few weeks ago concerning several evenings spent in the past with Prince Harry. One evening in particular remains etched in his memory. About ten years ago she came across Prince Harry in Las Vegas while he was singing Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” completely naked, a glove on his private parts and a pool cue. as a guitar.

The former stripper went even further by revealing that the prince had given her his boxers and that she still has them. “This item of clothing is a keepsake from old Harry, before he got boring. When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his party spirit. At least those pants are a vestige of his old personality… When Harry was the fun prince, the king of parties. It’s a shame he’s so stuck up now. Even as a husband and father of 2, he should let himself go once in a while”she confided.

Today Carrie Reichert, who now calls herself Carrie Royale, has decided to part with this precious memory. Indeed, according to information from TMZ, the young woman has just put up for auction the boxer shorts that the prince wore during this evening. The sale began on August 11 at a price of $11,000 and has already reached the crazy sum of $250,000 in less than four days. Carrie has let it be known that she hopes to be able to make over a million! Will she make it? Response on September 30, the end date of the auction.