You are currently viewing UNBOXING Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition: a powerful and classy smartphone in the colors of the famous Battle Royale

UNBOXING Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition: a powerful and classy smartphone in the colors of the famous Battle Royale

realme is currently the fourth smartphone seller in Europe and fifth worldwide. For a brand launched in 2018, and therefore relatively young, it must be recognized that the progress has been spectacular. It is true that the brand offers beautiful high-end models, always with state-of-the-art processors, for a price that often defies the competition. After showing you theunboxing of the magnificent Realme GT NEO 3T Dragon Ball Z Edition, here comes the turn of that of the Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition which, if it is less flashy, is no less collector’s item. It is, broadly, equipped with the processor MediaTek Dimensity 920 5Ga 4500 mAh fast-charging battery, a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen (1080×2400 pixels) at 90 Hz, two speakers with Dolby Atmos and a dual camera with the excellent sensor Sony IMX766 of 50 MP. Clearly, we are here in the presence of a mid-range smartphone model that aims to offer performance beyond its range.

Our test copy arrived, well packaged in a yellow box – a classic for the brand -, but with the inscription in the center of the front Free Firejust above a compass style covering going from north-east to north-west and finally the symbol of victory Booyah. In fact, this first layer is an overbox which, once removed, reveals a map with the location of various strategic points (clocktower, Shed, Factory…). The “real” box is therefore identical, but with the smartphone logo (Realme 9 Pro+), the name of the game (Free Fire) and above all the character in front. Kelly “The Swift” suggested by a succession of black lines. Very nice as an effect. Note, a shy 5G is displayed on the facade.

The contents of the Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition box:

  • smartphone;
  • Quick charger;
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable;
  • Transparent and flexible protective shell;
  • The notice ;
  • SIM card drawer opening clip in the shape of the title’s iconic knife;
  • A card with a code offering in-game bonuses (Gold, Diamonds, etc.);
  • Two boards with stickers.

the Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition displays its customization mainly on its rear part. The midnight blue color that dresses it is superb and the design is inspired by iconic objects from the game. On closer inspection – and with a bit of imagination – the builder played with the shines to create different areas: on the left, a knife blade Free Firethe blade of the knife towards the middle, on the right the symbol of two-handed combat, four flashes of firearm on the corners, the symbol of victory engraved right next to the camera, the logo realme in white and that of Free Fire highlighted. In practice, all this remains a bit abstract, but gives a very classy smartphone back which has only one real flaw, that of easily picking up fingerprints. The flexible transparent shell delivered with it avoids this inconvenience while keeping the initial visual. the branding from Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition ends with a theme in the colors of the game a little too discreet for our taste, set with a superb wallpaper. Note that the clip to open the SIM card hatch is by far the most original we’ve seen in a smartphone to date. It is chrome-plated, knife-shaped with Booyah printed on the blade. Stunning.

Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition 39 1

You can discover all this via the photos we took and posted on the next page even if it is very difficult to photograph the nuances of the hull. If, after viewing, you are convinced that this is the smartphone for you, you can afford the Realme 9 Pro+ Free Fire Edition at a price of € 399.99 on the manufacturer’s official store on Amazon. We will tell you about it in a test soon, but the power/quality-price ratio for this smartphone is quite good.