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Twitter (already) increases the price of its paid subscription – Geeko

In the United States, the price of the subscription to Twitter Blue goes from $2.99 ​​to $4.99.

Launched only a few months ago, Twitter’s paid subscription formula is already experiencing its first price increase. In the United States, the social network has just announced that it will now charge Twitter Blue $4.99 per month, against $2.99 ​​previously. A spectacular price increase which is obviously explained by the success of this formula.

The Blue subscription gives certain advantages to the most active accounts, such as the possibility of integrating an NFT image on its account, of changing the icon of the application, of accessing a list of “top articles”, of customizing the navigation bar and correct errors in his tweets.

Twitter justifies this price increase by its desire to add new options, improve existing features and better support the journalistic content put forward.

The new rates apply from today. Existing subscribers will be able to continue to benefit from an advantageous rate until October 2022.

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