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Twitter: 5.4 million hacked accounts are for sale

5.4 million is the number of Twitter accounts that have been hacked thanks to a security breach in the social network. Data from all accounts is for sale on Breached Forums, a specialized forum, for $30,000.

A Twitter vulnerability from January was exploited by a hacker to obtain the account data of 5.4 million users. Although Twitter has since patched the vulnerability, the acquired database is now for sale. The flaw allowed a hacker to acquire the phone number and email address associated with Twitter accounts, even if the user had hidden these fields in the privacy settings.

According to the hacker, who goes by the nickname devil, the data includes information on celebrities, companies and of course individuals. Restore Privacy was able to get its hands on a sample of the data and confirms that it matches that of various users from around the world.

There is currently no way to check if your account is affected by the Twitter data theft. As always, you should be vigilant against phishing attacks, i.e. emails claiming to be from the manufacturer of your smartphone, your bank, PayPal, your email provider and others. and asking you to log in to your account.