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Twitch: “It’s an example of toxic masculinity”, Sardoche speaks on Twitter

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It was on October 28 that once again sardoche was put in the spotlight. The reason for this, a very sad and dark affair, thus highlighting a young underage girl with whom the streamer had sex.

It was on Twitter that the streamer and ex-girlfriend of Sardoche decided to speak, the latter responding to the name of Kyria. Tired of keeping silent about the behavior of her former love, she decided to throw everything away despite the risks that this could entail for her, declaring several serious facts. If Sardoche was silent on the radio from Kyria’s thread, he decided to take the floor in turn on Twitter.

“I’m disgusted”, Sardoche speaks about his case

Sardoche has indeed spoken following the drama that has caused his case dating back to 2018 and 2019 now. If he explained that he had already spoken on this subject several times and following the highlighting of his story by Teufeurs, he hopes this time to be heard once and for all.

Through his various messages, he explains that this story dates back to 2018, and at the time he was 24 years old. If he confessed to having had relations with a 16-year-old girl for one evening, which is very immoral, he nevertheless explains that everything was agreed. However, he declares that this is not behavior to be normalized, and that he has never, subsequently, sought to reproduce this with another young girl.

Furthermore, he returns to the various messages that Kyria was able to show, with in particular those of Sardoche talking about several young girlssome being referred to as “weak” morally by the streamer, and therefore easy targets and “prey“. Reading it, he seems disgusted with his own words and “sincerely regret“for saying that.

Whose fault is it ?

Moreover, in his various messages, if Sardoche seems to regret his behavior and explains that since then he has been trying to change and learning every day, he also declares that what he was able to say and/or do is the result of “his influences” but also that he was “dropped on the Internet when I was 10 and without an attentive entourage“.

From what he explains, according to him, there is no worse education, and it is through this lack of supervision and its influences that he built the idea of ​​an incel. Finally, he says he was “an example of toxic masculinity” and he doesn’t want to maintain that anymore.


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