You are currently viewing Twitch is reducing the price of its September subscriptions for Subtember!

Twitch is reducing the price of its September subscriptions for Subtember!

Throughout the month of September, subscriptions on Twitch will be at a reduced price! Discover below the different offers of the platform.

On Twitch, the month of September will be synonymous with savings! This is the SUBtember which will start on September 1, with discounts on all platform subscriptions. It will therefore be possible to subscribe to any channel at a discountmaking it possible to further support content creators.

The longer the subscription you choose, the greater the discount! Enough to subscribe for longer at reduced prices, and save money over the following months. We detail this new offer below!

Discounts on subs all September on Twitch

On the occasion of the SUBtember, Twitch will put all its subscriptions in reduction during the month of September. The offer starts on September 1 from 11 a.m.and the reductions will be as follows:

  • -20% on 1 month subscriptions
  • -25% on 3 month subscriptions
  • -30 % on 6 month subscriptions

Do not panic on the side of the streamersthis offer will not impact their incomes! Streamers will be paid as if they had full priced subs.

In addition to the classic subscription offers, this discount will also apply on gift subscriptions and Prime. It will also be possible to take advantage of discounts if you wish. simply extend a subscription over several months, or switch from a level 2 to level 3 subscription.

Please note that these offers are not valid on mobile. You will have to connect on PC to be able to use it. Other conditions also apply to be able to take advantage of it: the offer does not apply to existing recurring subscriptions, subscriptions canceled in September, Prime or gift subscriptions not converted to paid subscriptions, or new personalized subscriptions.

See you from September 1, 2022 at 11 a.m. to take advantage of this offer which will last the whole month of September!