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Twitch: “I’m tired”, Maghla reveals the infamous truth behind the profession of streamer…

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If there is one reality that we would like to see disappear forever, it is the fact that women, especially female streamers here, are being harassed h24 on social networks but also through the platform on which they broadcast, including that of Twitch.

It was on October 24 that the young women known as AVAMind and Maghla decided to speak on Twitter but also Twitch, denouncing then all that they suffered. Harassment, gritty messages, dickpics… Their daily life is simply unbearable, and enough is enough.

AVAMind and Maghla lift the veil on a very sad reality

Unfortunately once again, AVAMind is being harassed by a more than bothered man, and if she wanted to explain herself on her live, some viewers wanted to have proof of what she was saying. To silence the gossip once and for all, it was then that she explained her story, saying that a man had called him pretending to be a UPS delivery man and that he had to give him a package. But for that, he obviously needed his address, to which the young woman happily replied no and explained that she did not want to risk being the target of a swatting. If we thought things were going to end there, unfortunately not. Following her response, the man replied with vomit-inducing aplomb that it was “too bad she didn’t give her address otherwise she would have had rape problems“, and to prove that she was not telling stories, she got the man on the phone againand it was the general amazement.

While we could have thought that he was going to be remorseful following what he had said just before to AVA, it was not becausehe even went further while declaring that he “had a Brazzers channel (channel with porn content) and that since rape is authorized in Malta he publishes his videos there but shoots them in France“. It is obviously shocked that the young woman cut him off by asking him if he realized that just before he had pretended to be a UPS delivery man in order to rape her, to which he replied with an Olympic calm “yes yes absolutely”.

The sequence of events we know, AVAMind decided to file a complaint yesterday afternoon, and that’s when another streamer, Maghla, not to name her, decided to speak up through a long thread which then announces its saturation.

Through the latter, we discover several rather horrible elements such as the existence of reddit topics on which users talk about sexual RP with the character of Maghla with several photo/porn video montages, forums, Discords, not to mention all the messages private she receives with dickpics, threats… And this is unfortunately only a sample.

When will Twitch protect female streamers?

If it is so easy to harass a streamer, a question arises: what is the Twitch platform waiting for to protect the women who have decided to embark on their platform? What is Twitch waiting for to protect exposed women?

We know it only too well but unfortunately this is not the first nor the last time that this type of event occurs, and it is high time that the managers and / or leaders of Twitch really move and lead an awareness campaign to protect streamers.

It’s just real hell to be a woman when you want to get started on Twitch, and those who dare to speak out through the platform and social networks to denounce what they suffer are showing strength. incredible because yes, there are also fallouts with those who will tell you that “you are doing too much”, those who will take it as a joke… Saying nothing, not denouncing anything when we are aware of behind the scenes, is unfortunately to agree with these actions. All this must therefore stop, and find real solutions so that our streamers are protected, and that they are not afraid to broadcast without having to deal in return with waves of harassment. We are all the same in 2022, and we no longer have to accept all that.


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