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Tragic death of Jonatan Cerrada’s brother: the ex-winner of “New star” evokes “an unimaginable shock”

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What becomes Jonathan Cerrada
? Discovered in 2003 in the first season of “Nouvelle Star” (which he brilliantly won), the 17-year-old singer at the time distinguished himself with a cover of “I wanted to tell you that I’m waiting for you” and a participation in Eurovision for France in 2004 (where he finished 15th)… before gradually falling into oblivion. In 2015, he left Europe to start a new life in Indonesia. He will experience great success there as an artist, but will finally decide to return home, to Belgium.

Now 36, he lives in Liège with his French husband. Having lived together in Indonesia, the two lovebirds own three villas in Bali, which they manage the rental from a distance. They are also the happy fathers of a little Milo, whom Jonatan prefers not to expose on social networks (the Liègeois is followed by more than 27,000 people on Instagram). Her husband also remains anonymous. “I try to preserve them as much as possible”, explained the singer in a documentary on the TFX channel, “They knew glory: what became of them? “. About her husband, he indicates that the latter “is not on Instagram” and that therefore he does not intend “to put photos of him”. He develops: “I have already been so exposed, I have already given so many things, especially during the ‘Nouvelle Star’, where my parents were really exposed, and I know that it was a source of suffering by the suite, for them and especially for my brother. »

Regarding his brother, precisely, Jonatan returned to the terrible work accident which cost him his life, in 2014. The young man had then been thrown into the air, after the violent collision of a truck against the nacelle in which he stood. “An unimaginable shock” for the ex-winner of “Nouvelle Star”. “The kind of death you never considered, so it falls on you like lightning (…) He accompanied me everywhere for a very long time, he was there at Eurovision during the ten days in Istanbul. He was very protective, because the ‘New Star’, it brought as many positive reactions as jealous people and very negative reactions, ”explains the singer. “It was our loot”, adds his sister, also present during the report. “He followed him everywhere, he was his first fan”.

This death inevitably “redistributed the cards and roles within the family”. A few months later, Jonatan flew to Indonesia to start a new life…