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Tower of Fantasy: Beta Review – PXLBBQ

Tower of Fantasy

Supports: PC, IOS, Android

Gender : Action RPG (Free to Play)

Release date : August 11, 2022

Developer: Hotta Studio

A melting pot of many tasty ingredients that leaves a strange, but not so unpleasant aftertaste.

  • The shared open world, rich to explore (with a lot of gadgets)
  • A successful “anime” character design
  • A gripping but classic main storyline
  • Lots of multiplayer activities
  • A relatively generous gacha system
  • The simulacrum system does not contribute to the immersion or attachment to the characters
  • World design doesn’t live up to the characters
  • Stiffness of animations and difficulty in judging distances in combat

A bit of context

The worldwide release of Tower of Fantasy is already a few weeks behind us. Publishing this article today is to give you my overall impressions of the game rather than being a comprehensive test from a hardcore gamer since release.

Also note that this review is based on a Beta version of the gameto which I received access one day before the worldwide release of the game. In fact, once I arrived on the Beta test server, I had the unpleasant experience of finding myself alone in a world that was supposed to be open and massively shared .

Besides that, I had access to a GM menu in Chinese not translated or accompanied by any explanation. To give you a pictorial view, my state during this test oscillated between “confused Travolta” and “i have no idea what I am doing”. I clicked all over the GM menu to discover its features on the fly.

Exploration Impact

If like me you have played games such as Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact, your first hours of play will certainly be marked by countless references to them. It is so much so that it is quite difficult to find the identity of the game and to immerse yourself in its world.

Generally, the exploration system and the character design, although rather successful, are almost exactly reminiscent of those of Genshin Impact. You are indeed in an open world with a cel-shaded “anime waifu” style, where you can climb anything and everything as long as your stamina bar does not fall to 0. The main quest is served to you on rails and will ask you to increase your adventure level to unlock it gradually. Many points of interest are scattered on the map, such as towers allowing you to lift the “fog of war” and teleport. You will also have solo and multiplayer “dungeons” that you will have to farm in a loop to obtain the various resources that are used to improve your weapons and equipment.

Hotta Studio has even gone so far as to copy the character of Paimon, here called Friendan unbearable little robot serving as your browser.

A-mi, AKA Paimon, makes his entrance

Multiplayer and originalities

There is still one major element that sets the world of Tower of Fantasy apart from the competition: its shared open world. You can indeed meet other players going about their business and participate together in multiplayer events (dungeons, open world bosses, etc.). I think these points could appeal to Genshin players lacking social content and can really overshadow it.

Other minor elements such as being able to customize your avatar with a fairly rich character creation tool or one good set of exploration tools (vehicles, mecha, surfboard and so on…) also give a extra dimension and pleasant to explore. However, it is unfortunate that the modeling of the environments is quite poor compared to that of the characters.

A preview of the map of the first planet to explore

Waifu Impact: For Science

The waifus: it may be a detail for you, but for me it means a lot. This is a point that is often controversial with anime-themed games. The press regularly criticizes the developers of this kind of game for excessively sexualizing the female characters. Tower of Fantasy is not really an exception to the current market strategy by adopting Molière’s Tartuffe strategy: ” cover me this breast that I cannot see“.

In other words, without ever doing more than decency tolerates, the title will offer a large number of “collectible” female characters that will flatter the retina of fans of the genre as well as sometimes revealing “skins” (costumes). In addition, “just to stay politically correct”, the game copies Genshin Impact’s pseudo-censorship which makes your characters’ posteriors disappear during climbing phases or when you reorient the camera. Hypocrisy when you hold us.

For science: gradual disappearance of pantsu

A peculiarity of Tower of Fantasy is that your “waifu” are in fact your weapons. You only have one character, your avatar, whose look you create from scratch. However rare weapons are in fact “the spirit of legendary fighters” (a bit like valkyrie profile) and benefit from a 3D modeling called simulacrum. If you feel like it, you can decide to take on the appearance of a simulacrum and thus experience the adventure in the guise of your favorite waifu. At the time of writing this review, I think there are no more than two male simulacra.

One of the simulacra you can take on

Gacha: Swiper, stop swiping!

Tower of Fantasy, in good self-respecting free to play, has obviously implemented a business model based on the system of Gacha. Several types of resources will allow you to try your luck to obtain weapons (simulacra characters) or rare materials with a relatively low probability rate.

I still want to point out that most of the resources for making these draws can be obtained by questing or exploring (without spending real money) and that the rare item drop rate seems more generous than the competition. In fact, a “pity” system guarantees you an object of maximum rarity after a certain number of unlucky draws and another system allows you to obtain 10 draws at decreasing prices in “ingame currency” until free after 2 weeks. . On average, it took me around 40-50 draws to get a character on a banner with a max pity system of 80 draws (thanks to the GM menu where I figured out how to generate lots of ingame currency by clicking anywhere).

No luck

Honkai Battle

the combat system of Tower of Fantasy has not done in originality for its combat system. He clearly has copied from that of Honkai Impact.

Your avatar can equip up to 3 weapons simultaneously. The whole combat system is based on the fact of Switch weapons at the right time to perform combos using associated weapon skills. They each have their own skills and elements to give a fairly strategic dimension to the fighting.

Although the strategic side is rather interesting, the However, the execution leaves a little to be desired.. The fights give an impression of rigidity in the rather unpleasant animations. They lack in my sense of fluidity despite a system of dodging and positioning to adopt to avoid enemy attacks. Additionally, I found it unintuitive to gauge distances between player and enemy. We actually tend to get into the heap and bully rather than be subtle.

My beta world, all empty and sad