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Towards a strike at Delhaize?

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A strike notice has been filed within the Delhaize supermarket group. Following a major reorganization in 2019, negotiations for the collective agreement have stalled.

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Lhe socialist and liberal unions have filed a strike notice at the Delhaize supermarket group after the failure of social consultations, reports From Tijd Monday evening.

A reorganization took place at Delhaize in 2019 to run stores more efficiently. In particular, cross-functional teams have been created to deploy staff more flexibly. In addition, a mobile team was created to compensate for absences in stores.

However, the Christian and Liberal unions were unhappy with this new approach and did not sign the collective agreement. The Setca-BBTK, he joined initially, but retracted in the spring.

On Monday, a conciliation meeting took place, but was unsuccessful. Unions and management could not agree on the existing collective agreement. An alternative proposal from the CGSLB-ACLVB was also rejected.

Setca-BBTK and CGSLB-ACLVB have therefore filed a strike notice which will expire within two weeks. The strike will follow if no solution is found within this time.