Towards 10% inflation and two new salary indexations

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The Planning Office has updated its monthly inflation forecasts. Verdict: the rate of increase in consumer prices will exceed 10% this fall and will remain at this level for several months. With two key indexes.

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Lhe inflation, at its highest for forty years, has not yet reached its peak. According to the latest monthly forecasts from the Federal Planning Bureau, unveiled on Tuesday, the pace of consumer price inflation, which peaked at 9.94% last month, should climb to 10.44% in September, then to 10.74%. % in October. Above all: it should remain above 10% until next January.

So that, over the whole of 2022, the inflation rate would stand at 9.4%, against… 2.44% in 2021 and 0.74% in 2020, which was, it should be remembered. , the year of confinement and the partial shutdown of economic activity.

Based on these forecasts, the pivot index should be exceeded again in October, then in December. With the key, each time, an indexation of 2% of social benefits (the following month) and salaries of civil servants (two months later).

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