You are currently viewing Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of September 22, 2022: Benjamin is between life and death (Summary of DNA episode 1279)

Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of September 22, 2022: Benjamin is between life and death (Summary of DNA episode 1279)

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“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, in-depth summary and spoilers for Thursday, September 22, 2022 Episode 1279 of DNA. In this new episode, Alma is devastated while Nathan finds refuge at his friend’s house. For her part, Emma gets involved in the Mas.


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Tomorrow Belongs to Us Summary and Spoilers episode of September 22, 2022

Nathan is hosted by François

Charlie offers Nathan to accompany him this weekend to a rooftop party, but Nathan plans to go see Angie. He misses his girlfriend very much. Besides, he put all his savings in train tickets. Only he didn’t tell her he was coming. Charlie points out to Nathan that Angie may have things planned. Nathan follows Charlie’s advice and contacts Angie to warn her of his arrival. But Angie is not available either this weekend or the following weekend. Nathan had taken the cheapest tickets and they are non-refundable. He is upset and confides in Adam. Francois’ son speculates that Angie is wondering about their relationship and is distancing herself to find out if she misses him. Nathan misunderstands and thinks Angie is testing him. He therefore wants to go to Dole as planned to prove to her that he cares for her, even if she lives far away.

But Charlie explains a little later to Nathan that Angie is gently making him understand that their relationship is over. Nathan refuses to believe it, especially since he loves Angie. Charlie explains to her that Angie loves her too, and that’s not the problem. The young woman confides in Nathan that she experienced the same situation with her ex Jules. Charlie is certain that Angie understood that they no longer had the same lives and that they no longer shared anything. Nathan acknowledges the blow with difficulty. Without Angie, he is nothing. She was his only bright spot in his life. Charlie lends his support to Nathan, and invites him to come and spend a few days with François. Adam offers Nathan to share his room.


Emma gets involved in the association

At the Mas, Alex is getting impatient because he has to leave to make deliveries with Judith, but Emma still hasn’t arrived. The young girl ends up arriving several minutes late and she is on the phone with Camille. Alex makes a remark to Emma about being late. The girl is sorry, she missed her bus. Reassembled, Alex reframes her curtly, because she is under his responsibility during his hours of TIG (Community Service). Emma apologizes and promises Alex it won’t happen again. She then explains to him that she would like to talk to him about something, but Alex cuts the conversation short to go make his deliveries.

Emma asked Adam to come to the Mas to take pictures to put them on the association’s website. Adam also takes pictures of Emma so people on the internet can get to know her. But Alex surprises them and is mistaken. Reassembled, he lectures Emma. Alex reminds the young girl that she is supposed to do her TIG and not invite her friends. The young girl tries to justify herself, without success. But Alex and Judith discover a little later that Emma has completely redone the home page of the association’s site, and find the site sober and modern. Alex quickly understands why Adam was there. Judith and Alex congratulate Emma for the site. The young woman explains to them that if this morning she was on the phone with Camille, it was to discuss the creation of an Instagram page to give some visibility to the association and target young people. Alex apologizes to Emma for being so hard on her.

Is Dan guilty?

Victoire informs Alma that the bullet received by Benjamin hit his left lung, and that a CT scan revealed that he had a pneumothorax. His lung being detached, a drain was placed to glue it back to the wall. Victoire tells her friend that Benjamin was in acute respiratory distress, and that they had no choice but to place him in an artificial coma. His case is serious, and his vital prognosis is still engaged. Victoire assures Alma that they will do everything to save him. Alma breaks down in tears in Audrey’s arms. She doesn’t want to lose Benjamin. Audrey tries to comfort her.

The technical and scientific police are doing the first readings on the crime scene when Karim arrives on the scene. Damien tells him that all the surveillance cameras are out of order, because they have been sabotaged. They stopped filming the day before from 6:46 p.m. Benjamin Ventura was therefore the victim of an attempted premeditated murder. Given the impact of the bullet on his car, Damien deduces that the shooter must have been behind a pillar just before shooting. Quickly, the suspicions of the police fall on Dan Mazure. Damien takes Audrey into the confidence. Worried, Audrey asks Leo to come home straight after class. But the little boy had to see Mathis. Audrey pretends to Leo that she wants to take him to buy the jogging he needs. Leo quickly understands that Audrey is lying. Audrey explains to Leo that Dan may be in serious trouble and that she preferred that they not see him too much at the moment. Reassembled, Leo slams the door leaving the apartment.

Dan has two jobs, part-time order picker and security assignments at Sécu 7. Sara and Karim go to the security company and ask Dan about his schedule the day before. Mathis’ father explains to the two police officers that he was doing a security mission and also assures them that he does not have a firearm. Dan also assures them that he is not related to what happened to Dr. Ventura. But he is a bit stressed, which does not escape the police.

Alma is at Benjamin’s bedside. William tells him that his constants are good and that they will be better the next day after giving him a new scanner. Victoire convinces her to go for a walk. But doctors are worried. The lung still won’t reattach and Benjamin has lost a hemoglobin point. Victoire still can’t believe she was shot. She hasn’t told Samuel yet, because she thinks he couldn’t do anything else but worry on the other side of the world.

At the police station, the investigation is accelerating. The police received the ballistics report. The bullet extracted from Benjamin’s chest is 9mm. It comes from a semi-automatic. The weapon has not been used in other cases. But Sara discovers that Dan lied to them. He is enrolled in a shooting club and owns a semi-automatic. In addition, he carried out a security mission in a warehouse located less than a kilometer from the place where Benjamin was shot. The police deduce that he could have taken time off, shot Ventura and returned to his work quietly. Investigators have enough evidence to arrest him. For her part, Lizzie has done as quickly as possible to pick up Leo, but the school principal informs her that Leo has left with Dan and Mathis. Lizzie contacts her mother.

Sara and Karim knock on Dan’s door, but he refuses to open the door for them. He summons them to leave him alone. Dan assures them that he is not joking and threatens to do something stupid.

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