You are currently viewing Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of August 8, 2022: Benjamin is arrested and Gaspard wants to see Sacha again (Summary of DNA episode 1246)

Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of August 8, 2022: Benjamin is arrested and Gaspard wants to see Sacha again (Summary of DNA episode 1246)

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“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, in-depth summary and spoilers for Monday, August 8, 2022 Episode 1246 of DNA. In your daily series, despite the many clues, Victoire refuses to believe the investigators’ new hypothesis. Noor is very present for Cédric’s family. Aurore pushes William to assume his role as big brother. Tristan discovers the reasons for Gaspard’s return to Sète


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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary of episode 1246 of August 8, 2022

William and Benedict get closer

William hasn’t heard from Bénédicte for a few days. Aurore pushes her husband to assume his role as big brother. William is not working today. He therefore invites Bénédicte to have a coffee at the Spoon. She confides to him that she is not well. Etienne no longer responds to his messages. Bénédicte thinks her husband is going to ask for a divorce. William encourages his little sister not to think of the worst. But Bénédicte can’t do it, especially since she finds herself alone in their parents’ house, going around in circles. William and Bénédicte spend the rest of the day together and grow closer. After lunch, Bénédicte confides to her brother that she has always been a little jealous of him. In her eyes, William has an impeccable career, and made a perfect marriage with a great woman. William confides in return to his sister that he thought about getting a divorce when he learned that he was not Sofia’s biological father. He also thinks that this ordeal has reinforced the solidity of their couple.

They end the day at William’s. They are playing mime with Aurore and Manon. Bénédicte is relaxed. She is invited to stay for dinner. Bénédicte thanks Aurore.

Noor carrying another bad news

Noor takes his courage in both hands and goes to Cedric’s home. She brings another piece of bad news. Saint-Clair Hospital can keep Cédric for a few days, but not longer, so if in the short term he still hasn’t woken up, a specialized center will have to be found for him to take him in. Noor thinks Cédric’s children should talk about it with Irene. But Jahia doesn’t know how to tell their mother that Cédric is in a coma. She knows how hard it will be for her to hear this news. Lilian suggests to her sister that the three of them go see her. Angie is scared to death at the thought that her father won’t wake up. Noor encourages him to keep hope.

Jahia receives a visit from Jordan. He learned about Cédric and he came to support the young girl. Jahia confides to him that she is living a real nightmare at the moment. Jordan wants to take her in his arms to comfort her, but she sketches a movement of recoil. The girl thinks her ex-boyfriend takes pity on her. Jordan assures her otherwise and tells her that just because they’re not together doesn’t mean he can’t be there for her yet. Jordan then hugs her and assures her that everything will be fine.


Gaspard returned to Sète to see his father again

The relationship between Juliette and Gaspard is still tense. Juliette would like her son to continue his education, especially since he is going to the final year. She found a school near their home, which offers flexible hours, sports lessons, artistic activities and individual support for each student. And contrary to what Gaspard thinks, it is not a specialized school for children who have dropped out of school. But the teenager refuses to the great displeasure of Juliette. Tristan proposes to speak to Gaspard. He takes advantage of Juliette’s absence to do the shopping to try to make his nephew realize that his mother is worried about him. He then evokes this famous school, but Gaspard is obsessed.

At the hut, Charlie asks Jack about his new friend. She’s sure she’s seen him somewhere before. Jack ignores little about her and alludes to the fact that her father works on oil rigs. Charlie makes the connection with the Sacha Girard case and can’t help but tell Jack the most juicy details of the story. And when Gaspard arrives, Charlie asks him if he is Sacha’s son. Gaspard leaves without saying a word and Jack follows suit. He catches up with Gaspard and assures him that he is not interested in anything that happened with his father. Jack then explains to him that he simply wants to spend time with him.

Gaspard tells him that his friends in Frontignan turned their backs on him as soon as they found out about his father. Jack understands why he needed to invent stories to avoid being bored, he would have done the same thing.

After dinner, Gaspard tells Tristan the real reason for his return to Sète. He wants to see his father again. Gaspard needs to tell him what’s on his mind to turn the page. But he is still a minor and does not have the right to ask for a visit. Gaspard doesn’t want to ask his mother for permission, so he asks Tristan for help. Will he accept?

Benjamin in custody

Is Benjamin Ventura linked to recent events? Georges thinks that the doctor indeed has reason to resent Victoire because of the Emma Garnier affair. At that time, they were a couple and although he claimed his innocence, she never believed him, worse, she denounced him. In addition, a few days after their separation, Victoire got into a relationship with Samuel, of whom Benjamin was very close. And above all, Benjamin knows the stud farm very well. Not to mention, that it is the doctor who treated Anne-Marie Lazzari. Martin and Georges hypothesize that he could very well have given beta-blockers to Victoire’s grandmother and that he was grilled by Cédric.

Martin decides to follow this single lead. He orders the hearing of Benjamin Ventura but also the search of his home.

The pediatrician comes out of the hospital with Emma. They planned to go to lunch at the Spoon when a police car pulls up in front of them. Nordine advises Benjamin that he must follow them. Georges specifies that they have a few questions to ask him about the attacks that targeted Samuel, Anne-Marie and Victoire. But Benjamin loses his temper and is aggressive towards Georges. He is then handcuffed and taken to the police station under the incredulous eyes of Emma.

During his audition, Benjamin apologizes to Georges for losing his temper. The doctor then proclaims his innocence. He has no reason to attack Samuel, Victoire and even less Anne-Marie. Georges asks Benjamin what his reaction was when he learned that Victoire and Samuel were dating. The doctor admits that at first he took it badly and felt betrayed and then they explained each other and moved on. But the police found a box of anxiolytics at Benjamin’s house during the search. Benjamin recognizes that at one time, he had a slump and had anxiety attacks. However, the police found a lid of this same anxiolytic at the place where the shooter was placed to open fire on the path of the scrubland.

At the hospital, Victoire puts Anne-Marie’s belongings in her travel bag, because she is leaving the hospital today. But she has no intention of returning to her granddaughter. Victoire encourages him not to panic and to continue to live normally, but without success. Nicolas convinces her that she no longer needs to stay in the hospital and that Victoire will be delighted to have her by her side.

Despite the many clues, Victoire refuses to believe the investigators’ new hypothesis. She can’t bring herself to believe that Benjamin could have taken it out on them. Samuel confides to him that he found him odd when he came to see him at stud on Friday. Benjamin had indeed almost offered to buy the estate. Victoire got Benjamin wrong once and she doesn’t want to do it again. Either way, she refuses to believe that Benjamin attacked them. Samuel also thinks him innocent.

He then convinces Victoire to go for a horseback ride to clear her mind when Emma goes to meet them at the stud farm. She doesn’t understand why not, they don’t do anything to help Benjamin. She went on her side to see the investigators, but they do not listen to her. Emma urges them to act. Samuel assures him that he is not abandoning Benjamin. They trust him like they trust the police. Samuel then tells her that if she wants to be a drama queen, she has to find other clients. Emma leaves, and Victoire catches up with her to talk to her.

But later, Samuel’s horse is galloping at a brisk pace on the beach and there are traces of blood on the side. What happened ?

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