You are currently viewing Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of August 5, 2022: Cédric is in a coma, and Victoire is in danger (Summary of DNA episode 1245)

Tomorrow Belongs to Us in advance of August 5, 2022: Cédric is in a coma, and Victoire is in danger (Summary of DNA episode 1245)

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“Tomorrow Belongs to Us” preview, in-depth summary and spoilers for Friday, August 5, 2022 Episode 1245 of DNA. In your daily series, Noor announces terrible news to Cédric’s children. The investigation is progressing and the target would not be Samuel, but Victoire and by extension, his relatives. Gaspard back in Sète for the holidays, sympathizes with Jack.


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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary of episode 1245 of August 5, 2022

Roxane and Sara move in with Bart

Bart welcomes Roxane and Sara who have come to live with him for a few weeks. He cleaned everything with a lemon-based cleaner, an odor that Roxane doesn’t particularly like. The young woman is sorry and Bart is understanding. He even plans to clean everything again, but with Roxane’s favorite perfume, Landes forest. The young woman is moved to tears.

Bart has prepared a pasta salad with Comté cheese for dinner. Against all odds, Roxane is not disgusted by the strong smell of cheese. It would seem that she is therefore no longer hypersensitive to odors, and this, to Sara’s delight.

Juliette and Gaspard back in Sète for the holidays

Tristan welcomes Juliette, his brother Sacha’s ex-wife and his son Gaspard at the station. They came to spend a few weeks vacation in Sète and will be hosted by Tristan who is happy to see them again. Océane, for her part, has started a road trip and she is currently in Melbourne, which her brother deplores.

Once his suitcase is unpacked, the teenager is about to go to the beach when Juliette reminds her son that Tristan is taking them to the restaurant tonight. Gaspard is a bit annoyed, because his mother has already told him at least three times. Once her son is gone, Juliette confides in Tristan how much Gaspard has changed. He has moved away from his friends, and wants to stop studying. His school results are catastrophic this year and he has not opened a book for months. However, he was an avid reader. Juliette thinks that her son cannot turn the page and fears Sacha’s future trial. Besides, just like Tristan, Gaspard no longer wants to hear about Sacha.

At the hut, Charlie installs Jack on the deckchair next to that of Gaspard. The two teenagers become acquainted and sympathize quickly. They discover commonalities. The two teenagers listen to the same music and are both single. Jack and Gaspard then talk about their respective families. Gaspard lies to Jack and makes him believe that his father, whom he describes as brilliant, works on oil rigs.


Cedric might never wake up

Following a violent shock to the head, Cédric Diallo had a head trauma, which plunged him into a coma. His wound has been treated, he is no longer bleeding, but Doctor Daunier does not hide from Cédric’s children that his condition remains worrying. Noor wants to go to Cédric’s bedside, but his children are already there. The young woman apologizes and plans to come back later, but the time has come to calm down. Angie and Lilian ask him to stay. Cédric’s condition greatly worries them all.

The scientific police are dispatched to the scrubland. Damien is sure of it. Cedric tripped over a root and falling his head hit a rock. Blood and hair were found on the stone. Drops of blood suggest that Cédric went up the road, probably to ask for help, only to end up falling where he was found. The spacing of his steps leaves no doubt: he was running when he fell. Cédric was therefore running away from someone.

At the hospital, Martin and Georges question Maëlle, a caregiver who has worked in Saint-Clair for 4 years. The young woman is the last person to have seen Cédric on Tuesday evening. She ran into him in the break room during his break. He was on the phone and he looked very stressed. When he hung up, Cédric explained to Maëlle that he had to join his daughter immediately. Apparently, something had happened to him or something serious was in danger of happening to him at a hut on the beach. Then, Cédric took all his things and left very quickly around 7:30 p.m. Martin asks the young woman to go to the police station as soon as possible so that they can take her statement. Martin and Georges then hear Jahia and Angie who explain to them that they were both at home on Tuesday around 7:30 p.m.

The investigation is accelerating. Cédric did receive a call Tuesday evening lasting approximately 16 seconds from a prepaid mobile phone. It is therefore impossible to go back to his interlocutor. Martin summarizes the situation. Cédric received a call from a person he does not know who made him leave the hospital claiming that his daughter is in danger. Georges then makes the link with Anne-Marie. She landed in Sète because she had received a call from someone she did not know who claimed that Victoire was in danger. Georges calls his ex-girlfriend and asks her if she can try to find the number of this stranger on Anne-Marie’s phone. Victoire finds this famous number. The police now have proof that Anne-Marie and Cédric were trapped by the same person. They are convinced that it is this person that Cédric was fleeing in the scrubland. Martin and Georges come to the conclusion that it cannot be Paul Camus since he was in prison.

At stud, Samuel made a mistake in the employee schedule and no one is available before 6 p.m. He cleans the stables himself. Benjamin offers his help and advises him to find another stable manager. But Samuel plans to sell the stud.

At the hospital, Doctor Daunier announces bad news to Noor concerning Cédric. The young woman hardly acknowledges the blow, because she keeps feelings strong enough for him. William suggests that Noor take a breather, but the young woman pulls herself together and decides to go talk to Cédric’s children. Nicolas, the nurse, heard the end of their discussion and would like to be able to help Noor in some way. But he is the last person the young woman wants to talk to. Nicolas assures her that he never wanted to harm her and that he meant no harm by disclosing the private message she left on Cédric’s answering machine. Noor urges him to leave her alone. The young woman then goes to Cédric’s bedside and musters up her courage to tell Lilian, Angie and Jahia some terrible news.

The damage is more severe than expected. In addition to bruises, their father has a cerebral hematoma and oedemas. An operation is not possible. The doctors have no choice but to keep Cedric alive and hope that his wounds heal on their own. But in view of his lesions, it is possible that the healing will not succeed. Their father could never wake up. Lilian comforts Angie. Moved to tears, Noor supports Jahia..

The investigators understand that they may have been on the wrong track from the start and that Victoire may be the target and, by extension, her relatives. Meanwhile, as Victoire bathes in the pool, the perpetrator of recent events observes her hiding behind a bush.

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