You are currently viewing Tomorrow Belongs to Us from October 28, 2022: Claire is found lifeless.  Is she dead? (DNA Episode 1305 preview summary)

Tomorrow Belongs to Us from October 28, 2022: Claire is found lifeless. Is she dead? (DNA Episode 1305 preview summary)

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“Tomorrow belongs to us” in advance, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 1305 of the Friday, October 28, 2022 from DNA. In this new episode, Martin makes the investigation personal. And confronted by Chloe, Jordan becomes disillusioned.


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Tomorrow Belongs to Us Summary of the episode of October 28, 2022

Georges in love with Victoire?

The day before, Victoire suffered a power failure. Georges offered to help, but he was unable to restore the electricity. His pride took a hit. An electrician guaranteed Victoire that he would come by late morning. Lisa just hopes he doesn’t tell them the power won’t be back for a few days. Victoire then tells her cousin that Georges spent the whole night on the electrical panel. Lisa points out to her cousin that she and Georges were very close the night before. Victoire admits that she is very close with Georges, but she considers him a brother. She points out that she is also very much in love with Samuel. Victoire assures Lisa that everything is very clear between Georges and her.

At the police station, Lisa informs George that Victoire called an electrician. She points out to him that he will have to find another excuse to sleep at her place. And she encourages him to recognize that he still loves Victoire. But George assures him otherwise. Lisa explains to him that she wouldn’t want him to make movies, because Victoire is very much in love with Samuel.

Georges goes to Victoire’s. The young woman explains to him that the electrician has passed. According to his diagnosis, the failure is due to water infiltration. Victoire must now call a plumber. George offers to take a look. Victoire gently declines and invites him to come and have an aperitif that evening.

Georges has robbed the Italian caterer that Victoire is particularly fond of. But when he arrives at Victoire’s, she receives a call from Samuel. Victoire moves away to answer. George is upset.


Jordan disillusioned

Judith is better, which has not escaped Chloé. The young woman has regained her smile and her lightness thanks to Jordan. Judith confides in her mother how good she feels with lu. She finds him sweet, funny and caring. Judith tells her mother that she wasn’t sure she was ready to get back together because she felt like she was betraying Noa. Chloe knows how much Judith was affected by her sudden death, and she thinks that at some point, you have to learn to live again. Judith is aware of this and points out that Jordan helped her a lot after her assault. After Judith leaves, Chloé receives a call from François. He would like to meet her about a student. Chloe arranges to meet him in her office. She immediately telephones Audrey and summons her and Jordan. The latter does not understand why Chloé wants to see them during the school holidays. He’s sure he didn’t do anything. But Audrey came back up and her son hadn’t done something stupid again.

Chloé and François called Audrey to alert her. Jordan’s grades have dropped dramatically, and his homework is either turned in sloppy or not turned in at all. Moreover, François has still not received the text that Jordan was to send him before the holidays. Jordan is sorry and explains to his teacher that he has fallen behind. François would like Jordan to understand that the exercises done in class are not à la carte and that there is a given time to do or return the work and that he must do them well even if his class is an option. Chloe tries to make Jordan realize that he absolutely has to pull himself together and underlines his potential. But that’s not all. Jordan is very often absent, and François tries to find out what is going on. Audrey explains to him that Jordan has a side job and that he spends all his time at the Mas. Chloe proposes to speak to her husband. With François, she prepared a list of homework that Jordan will have to do during the holidays. He will have to return them at the start of the school year. For her part, Audrey is determined not to let go of her son and after the holidays, she will systematically check his schedule and his homework. In addition, he will be deprived of outings.

No sooner has Jordan left the office than he reproaches his mother for having treated him like a child and asks her if she had to ridicule him like this in front of the principal. Audrey replies that he does it very well on his own by skipping class and not doing his homework. Audrey tries to make her son understand that he is screwing up his schooling and his life. Jordan laments that his mother does not understand anything. Audrey retorts that she especially understands that since he works at the Mas, he neglects high school too much and that if it’s not Chloe who talks to Alex about it, she’ll take care of it. Jordan forbids her, but Audrey doesn’t get upset.

Jordan finds Judith at the Mas and tells her what happened. Judith agrees with Audrey and explains to Jordan that he has to think about his baccalaureate. The young woman reassures him, they will find a way to see each other at the Mas or elsewhere.


Claire’s true identity discovered

Martin Constant makes the investigation a personal affair. The technical and scientific police are taking samples from his home. Martin absolutely wants to know who is hiding behind Johanna.

Raphaëlle and Sébastien Perraud meet on the quay. Raphaëlle immediately notices the wound on her father’s forehead. Sébastien makes his daughter believe that a defendant threw himself on him without him having had time to react. Raphaëlle then tries to find out why he canceled dinner with Claire. Sébastien claims to his daughter that Claire had a last-minute impediment. At his daughter’s insistence, he gets angry. Sébastien immediately regrets the way he spoke to Raphaëlle and apologizes. Raphaëlle can see that her father is stressed and unhappy. She pushes him to confide. Sébastien admits to him that everything is over between Claire and him, and that he behaved like an imbecile.

At the police station, Aurore makes Sébastien and Martin listen to the messages left by Claire alias Johanna on their respective mobile phones. It’s quite uplifting. They are similar. Sébastien hardly acknowledges the blow.

Damien has the DNA result from the hair taken from Martin. Claire alias Johanna is actually called Delphine Laborde. Damien explains to Martin and Aurone that she is known to their services. She was arrested for petty theft. In addition, five complaints were filed against it for fraud more than fifteen years ago in other regions. But the abuse of weakness being impossible to prove, they were dismissed. Martin instructs Damien to distribute the portrait of Delphine Laborde.

Aurore summoned Christelle to the police station. She shows him a photo of Delphine. Christelle recognizes this woman, they were very often together at the spa. They talked about everything and nothing and she gave him advice on chic hotels where she was going with her companion. Christelle does not hide her surprise, because this woman was friendliness incarnate. She was chic and classy, ​​and Christelle would have given her the good Lord without confession.

Aurore also summoned Brigitte. She also identifies Delphine. They hit it off in a hotel bar a few months ago. Their flight to the Canary Islands had been canceled and with Régis, they had taken a hotel room while waiting for the next day’s flight. This woman claimed to be a flight attendant. She and Brigitte had exchanged contact details, because this woman knew the Canary Islands and could recommend nice restaurants to them. Brigitte emphasizes that she was friendly and smiling. Never, she could have imagined that Régis had remained in contact with her and even less that they would become lovers.

Karim informs Martin that Delphine has been spotted in a mall. Martin decides to go there, alone. He wants him to be the one who stops him. Karim points out that he is making this investigation a personal matter and tells him that it is not legal. But Martin decides to take responsibility for it.

Brigitte, for her part, is not well. Manon informs her grandmother that she has passed the written tests for her police competition and that she has been admitted to the second round. Brigitte congratulates her lip service and goes to lie down.

Delphine Laborde (Claire, Johanna) narrowly escaped Martin. When he arrived at the mall, she was already gone. He then went to the car rental agency, but he missed it by fifteen minutes. Moreover, she did not rent any vehicle. According to CCTV footage from the mall, she took a bus into town. Martin thinks she is looking for another way to escape. Downtown, a woman is found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Passers-by crowd around her. A passerby calls for help. He thinks she’s not breathing. Firefighters arrive in stride. One of them takes his pulse. This woman is Delphine Laborde alias Claire. Is she injured or dead?

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