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To avoid losing his keys, he has his Tesla card implanted in his skin (video)

Will our car keys soon be a distant memory? This is in any case already the case for Brandon Dalaly. At the beginning of August, he had a chip capable of unlocking his car implanted in his right hand.

“I finally decided to take charge of my key problems,” announces Brandon Dalaly, commenting on a video in which we see him unlocking his Tesla by placing his hand on the door.

It is thanks to a small chip, the VivoKey Apex, that this little miracle of technology was able to happen. It works with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows data to be exchanged between two terminals in just a few seconds at a very short distance (less than 4 cm). This is what is used in particular for contactless payments via smartphone.

“More than a car key”

In the comments, Internet users expressed their perplexity. “Hmm a little weird to implant something just to open a car”, can we read in particular. “For information, the chip can do other things,” replied Brandon Dalaly. “Store data, identify yourself in areas under access control, ensure double authentication, access a secure portfolio of crypto currencies, and, soon, carry out transactions via credit card”, he lists. “It’s not just a Tesla key.”

A professional piercer performed the implant while his hand was anesthetized. Total cost of the operation: $400 (300 for the chip, 100 for the implant). And this was not a first for Mr. Dalaly, who had already had a chip implanted in his left hand containing his house keys, his Covid vaccination certificate and other information.