TikTok: tests of the ‘Dislike’ button in the comments begin

SocialOften and willingly, the developers of TikTok carry out large-scale tests of new functions on the social network, and indeed today a new test has been announced for all users: there is talk of the possibility of putting ‘I don’t don’t like’ the comments present under the video, a bit like it happens for example on Reddit or Twitter. Now, therefore, next to the heart-shaped button that allows you to like any comment, a new button will appear with the icon of a thumbs down , which will serve to put a kind of “I don’t ‘dislike’ if you press it. Obviously, by pressing the button a second time, it will be possible to cancel your choice. The company said it wanted to implement this feature because it had received many complaints about too many inappropriate or meaningless comments. Comments with a high number of dislike could for example be obscured, although we have no confirmation of this.

As is already the case on several platforms, the number of dislikes will not be visible to all users: this, according to the company, will discourage users from hating certain people in bursts, as has already happened. produced on YouTube. This feature is immediately available to all users, but it may still take a few days to see it in action on your account. Although this is still a test, it is not excluded that in the future TikTok will change something or completely eliminate the possibility of not liking comments.