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Three new testimonials overwhelm PPDA: “You would do me a little treat”

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On Wednesday, the newspaper Liberation published the testimonies of three writers denouncing rapes and questioning the complacency, in their eyes, of the publishing world with regard to Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. Among them, Bénédicte Martin denounces a sexual assault in November 2003 when she was 24 and Anne Cauquil-Gleizes a rape in 1985 when she was 16. Two new complaints were filed against the former TF1 journalist in September.

Bénédicte Martin claims to have been sexually assaulted in the PPDA office after her appearance on the literary program “Vol de nuit” on TF1. That day, the star presenter would have “grabbed her throat” by giving her an armbar, before pulling up her skirt and forcibly kissing her. “I have never ceased to relate the acts of PPDA, no one has ever been shocked”, she explains in the columns of Liberation.

Anne Cauquil-Gleizes, she says she was raped in the journalist’s hotel room, during a trip to Sète. “In his hotel room, he penetrates me (…) barely five minutes. I don’t understand what is happening to me,” she recalls. The woman, who was hoping to become an author at the time, had come hoping to show her texts to PPDA. A few years later, when she was 23 or 24, the presenter invited Anne Cauquil-Gleizes to attend the recording of the television news. Later, in his office, he would have said to him: “This newspaper has been really difficult, you would give me a little treat.”

The newspaper Liberation also relayed the testimony of Juliette (assumed name). The latter also claims to have been raped in the journalist’s office after appearing on the program “Vol de nuit”. “The simple satisfaction of a need”, she says. After a “quick penetration”, PPDA would have taken a damp towel to wipe off, before offering one to the young woman to “clean up”. A “filthy and revealing” memory, believes the alleged victim.

Free hearing

The former star journalist of French television Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was heard in free hearing in July as part of an open investigation into rape and sexual assault where at least seven women testified, AFP learned on Tuesday. from judicial sources familiar with the matter.

The former star presenter of the TF1 television news, who disputes these accusations and whose lawyers could not be reached immediately, is the subject of two investigations in Nanterre (Paris region). The first, led by the prosecution, was opened following two complaints in December 2021, one for rape in 1985 and the other for sexual assault in 2013. These facts appear to be time-barred.

Between December and this summer, at least seven women, aged between their twenties and their sixties, had testified in the context of this investigation, a source familiar with the matter told AFP. At least three of them filed a complaint. Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was questioned by investigators from the Crime Prevention Brigade against the person in July, a judicial source told AFP.

Second investigation underway in Nanterre

A second investigation is underway in Nanterre, entrusted to an examining magistrate and relating to the accusations of rape of the writer Florence Porcel. The latter, now 39, is the first woman to file a complaint in February 2021. She accuses Patrick Poivre d’Arvor of having forced her to have sex in 2004 and fellatio in 2009.

A preliminary investigation followed and collected the testimony of 22 other women for rape, sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. The investigation had been closed without further action in June 2021, mainly for prescription. Florence Porcel then filed a complaint again, this time with a civil action, to obtain the opening of a new investigation entrusted to the investigating judges.

At the end of June, the investigating chamber of the Versailles Court of Appeal extended the scope of these investigations to the facts appearing to be prescribed, recalling that the abandonment of the proceedings was not inevitable and that the starting point of the period during which justice can investigate could, in certain cases, be postponed. This is particularly the case if the investigators determine that the incriminating facts have repeated themselves in a series.


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