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This VOO / RTBF disagreement which rots the digital TV service of the Walloon operator

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  • Replay. It’s 9:34 p.m. You completely missed the news. Via the remote control and the guide of your TV decoder, you launch the replay to watch it while its broadcast is completed.
  • Restart. It’s 7:37 p.m. You missed the first seven minutes of the news. Via the remote control and the guide of your TV decoder, you restart it as if it were 7:30 p.m. while the broadcast is still In progress.

Deleted more than four months ago

Those are details that matter when it comes to choosing your TV subscription. The replay and restart conditions vary from one operator to another. They concern the duration of the replay, the channels and the programs which benefit or do not benefit from these functions, etc.

In this game, it is possible to identify significant differences in the services offered by Proximus, Orange, VOO or Telenet. The most striking example: at VOO, the disappearance restart (restart) on RTBF channels (La Une, Tipik, La Trois).

On its site, VOO underlines in the course of a tutorial that the channels of the RTBF are indeed indeed deprived of the restart.

” I am going to explode with anger “

If this withdrawal dates back more than four months, it has gone relatively unnoticed, except in the operator’s online forums at the heart of which customers are grumbling seriously. Chosen piece:

Why does VOO no longer offer restart on RTBF channels? We interviewed the two actors (VOO, RTBF) in this case without success. Faced with their silence, we are forced to draw a more or less official explanation from these same forums.

“RTBF demands specific remuneration”

In this thread, a dissatisfied VOO customer relays a answer received from RTBF:

“The Restart option, which allows you to instantly return to the start of a TV program in progress, is available depending on the services to which the operator subscribes with media partners. Other operators such as Proximus, Télésat, etc. have subscribed to this service but VOO, contrary to what you have been told, has chosen not to reactivate it. Unfortunately, the RTBF cannot oblige it to offer all the functions offered. Please believe that we are sorry for this situation! However, RTBF remains open to discussion with VOO. This point will be discussed again at a future meeting with them. »

“Do not pass this cost on to the subscription”

A little further, a VOO employee confirms failure financial negotiations.

“It is true that RTBF now requires specific remuneration from operators to grant them the right to offer their customers the Restart / Start over functionality on its channels. Apart from the fact that this request goes against the practice of other channels, VOO, unlike other operators, has decided not to pass on this additional cost to its customers’ TV subscriptions. »

As a reminder, VOO had increased 35 prices on April 1, 2022, nine months after those recorded in July 2021.

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