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This Philips headset is wireless and it costs only 32.99 euros

Very useful for listening to music and taking calls in hands-free mode, the Philips TAH4205BK Bluetooth headset has seen its price drop from 69.60 euros to 32.99 euros at Cdiscount.

There are many good reasons for wanting to equip yourself with a wireless Bluetooth headset, but the prices charged for quality models are often high. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to find a reference from a major brand at a low price: for this, it is possible to count on the promotions of Cdiscount. The online sales site offers the Philips TAH4205BK at only 32.99 euros instead of 69.60 euros at the moment.

Enjoy a Bluetooth headset at a low price

The Philips TAH4205BK are on-ear Bluetooth headphones, meaning they sit on your ears. This allows you to enjoy good sound quality, without being completely isolated from the world around you. You can use the headset to listen to music from your smartphone, play immersive video games, and also receive and make calls hands-free, without having to hold your mobile phone to your ear.

Philips headphones with solid autonomy

One of the strengths of this Philips headset is none other than its autonomy: it can go up to 29 hours per charge. When the battery is flat, you can recharge the device by plugging it into USB-C, to recover 4 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. This way, you never run out of music and you can make calls in peace. Finally, the Philips TAH4205BK can fold flat for easier transport. A great deal to grab at Cdiscount.

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