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This movie you must see before watching She-Hulk on Disney+

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In its new Marvel She-Hulk series, Disney+ brings up one of the Green Avenger’s great foes, Abomination. A supervillain that can be seen in a previous MCU film…

She-Hulk, cousin of Bruce Banner, arrives on Disney on August 18th. The young female lawyer, who received the same gamma rays as the Hulk, is assigned to lead the superhuman legal affairs division. It is in this context that she will meet a certain Emil Blonsky. A character that MCU fans know, since he appeared in The Incredible Hulk in 2008, when the Green Avenger was camped by… Edward Norton.

A denied film… but canon in the MCU

When Disney+ unveils the first trailer for She-Hulk, fans were delighted to see Tim Roth on screen as Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination. Because this Marvel supervillain was already showing The Incredible Hulk, the last solo film to date centered on the big green guy.

Second film of phase 1, the feature film directed by Frenchman Louis Leterrier starred Edward Norton in the lead role (before he handed over to Mark Ruffalo). He therefore fought there Blonsky, a soldier who had obtained an experimental serum having transformed him into a giant monster.

So surprising to see this character again in She-Hulk when the 2008 film had been a fiasco and Norton had been thanked half-word (the reasons are still unclear). This choice thus shows that Marvel wants to reattach the wagons. It remains to be seen whether the series will make other parallels and if so, it is more than advisable to (re) see The Incredible Hulk in streaming. Luckily… It’s available on Disney +!

But where had he gone?

But what happened to Abomination after his defeat by the Hulk fourteen years ago? That’s the question She-Hulk will have to answer. Especially since the villain is briefly seen confronting Wong in Shang-Chi, hinting that he was on the loose at the time. Fans also raised another question: how could he regain a human appearance, while he was stuck in his monster body?

The series centered on Jennifer Waters will have more than one mission: to introduce a new superheroine and to fill in the gaps left vacant by previous MCU films.