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This ecological requirement asked of world leaders who will go to the funeral of Elizabeth II

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The funeral of the monarch, who died Thursday at the age of 96, will take place on Monday September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London. Dignitaries from around the world are expected, including US President Joe Biden and many crowned heads.

This is a huge security and logistical challenge for the authorities, who, according to the Politico site, have asked foreign leaders to use, “when possible”, commercial flights and not private planes to get to the UK.

Also forgotten are helicopters to get around the British capital and private cars to get to the funeral: world leaders will travel to Westminster Abbey by bus, according to Foreign Office documents obtained by Politico.

“Can you imagine Joe Biden on a bus, can you?” A foreign ambassador to London was annoyed on Sunday, quoted by the media. The American president travels in his Air Force One plane and moves around with his armored vehicle, nicknamed “The Beast”.

In addition, only one representative per country and his or her husband or wife will be allowed inside Westminster Abbey, Politico said citing a note sent to embassies on Saturday.

“Due to the limited space during the state funeral and related events, no other members of the family, staff or entourage of the principal guest will be able to be admitted,” the note reads.

On the day of the funeral, “for security reasons and because of traffic disruptions”, the leaders will not have the right to travel by private car but buses will be made available to them.

If, despite British recommendations, leaders still come on their plane, the government warns in its note that London’s Heathrow airport will not be available for private flights and they will therefore have to aim for “less congested airports”.

Joe Biden, but also French President Emmanuel Macron, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and many “Royals” from around the world are expected in London for this historic funeral.