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They continue to climb: here are the real estate prices in Belgium

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The most expensive houses are located in the capital in Ixelles and on the coast in Knokke-Heist with a median price of 750,000 euros in the first half of 2022, Statbel, the statistics office, indicated on Monday. The cheapest houses – all types combined – were located in Hastière (73,500 euros), in Namur. Unsurprisingly, prices are on the rise across the country.

In Wallonia

The Walloon Region is the one where the prices were the lowest. In the first half of 2022, houses with two or three facades posted a median price of 170,000 euros (+10,000 euros compared to a year ago). The median price of the four facades has increased by 20,000 euros to reach 285,000 euros. The apartments have become more expensive (+12,000 euros) and cost 172,000 euros.

In Wallonia, it was in Lasne (Walloon Brabant) that the price of houses (all types) was the highest with a median price of 657,000 euros.


The Brussels-Capital Region is, again unsurprisingly, the most expensive for all types of housing. Two- and three-sided houses there cost 486,000 euros and rose by 52,000 euros in one year. The median price of four-sided houses has increased to reach 1,150,000 euros (+50,000 euros). The median price of apartments has reached 250,000 euros (+11,000 euros).


Between the two regions, we find Flanders. The houses with two or three facades there cost 280,000 euros, the four facades 390,000 euros and the apartments cost 230,000 euros.

The most expensive provinces

The two Brabants remain the most expensive provinces. In Walloon Brabant, houses with two and three facades cost 310,000 euros. For four-sided houses, the median price was 465,000 euros. The apartments reached a price of 250,000 euros.

The cheapest province

Conversely, Hainaut was the least expensive province for two- and three-sided houses (150,000 euros) and apartments (145,000 euros). The province of Namur was the least expensive for four-sided houses (245,000 euros).

The results were obtained on the basis of deeds of sale registered with the FPS Finances.