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These 35 Android apps are corrupted, delete them immediately from your smartphone

When it comes to security on Android, one of the tips that always comes up is to download applications from Google Play, the official store of the operating system. Unfortunately, not a week goes by without malware being detected there.

Difficult to trust Google Play, while we no longer count the number of security alerts. Even though the Google store is the most secure in the entire Android ecosystem, the fact remains that hackers always find ways to circumvent the barriers put in place by Google.

Malware that slips through the cracks

Bitdefender specialists have thus got their hands on 35 infected applications, distributed on the official Google store. These apps contain malware that went unnoticed when they passed through Play Protect, Google Play’s detection system whose job is precisely to prevent these malicious apps from appearing. Wasted effort !

Once activated, the malware in question displays pop-up ads all over the Android interface. Regardless of the user’s activity, a banner starts flashing. The hackers behind this malicious program pocket huge sums while the user has to deal with this annoying display. Unless you delete the apps and reset the smartphone to regain peace of mind.

These 35 apps are: Walls light, Big Emoji, Grad Wallpapers, Engine Wallpapers, Stock Wallpapers, EffectMania, Art Filter, Fast Emoji Keyboard, Create Sticker for Whatsapp, Math Solver, Photopix Effects, Led Theme, Keyboard, Smart Wifi, My GPS Location, Image Warp Camera, Art Girls Wallpaper HD, Cat Simulator, Smart QR Creator, Colorize Old Photo, GPS Location Finder, Girls Art Wallpaper, Smart QR Scanner, GPS Location Maps, Volume Control, Secret Horoscope, Smart GPS Location, Animated Sticker Master, Personality Charging Show, Sleep Sounds, QR Creator, Media Volume Slider, Secret Astrology, Colorize Photos and Phi 4K Wallpaper.

According to Bitdefender, several of these apps have been downloaded over 100,000 times. Google hasn’t cleaned up the store yet, at least not entirely. If one or more of these applications are present on your smartphone, delete them immediately.

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By: Bitdefender