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This is called a marketing stunt, but it may well become a masterstroke. Indeed, by choosing to increase the government rebate by 20 cents, the oil group TotalEnergies seems to have succeeded in achieving a double blow: increasing its clientele and therefore its turnover but above all giving a blow that is difficult for the competition to digest.

Thus, at Esso, another oil group established in France for many years, we follow government instructions to the letter: the reduction is therefore 30 cents. Until then, nothing more normal, except that customers are comparing prices even more at the moment. Thus, in certain French regions such as Corsica, certain distributors of the American brand have decided to close their stations because they have noticed a sharp drop in attendance. It is impossible under these conditions to remain open when we have to face the charges, announce the managers. As no agreement has been reached between the Esso group and the managers of the stations on the island, it is potentially 27 stations that are in danger and the jobs that go with them.

An ailment from which independent stations not affiliated with a network also suffer. Thus, Francis Pousse, president of the fuel branch of Mobilians recently declared to France Info, that the rebate of 20 euro cents granted by Total is ” a hammer blow that will cost small service stations dearly. This is a real problem in terms of equity which, according to him, will undermine many stations already weakened by the COVID epidemic and inflation.“.

No reaction for the moment from the government, which already grants aid of between €3,000 and €6,000 for certain stations, but obviously not all (approximately 1,500 stations out of 11,000).