You are currently viewing The week of Benjamin Maréchal, who spoke to a mother who apologizes for offering such a life of stress to her daughters: “Meat?  It’s for my children, I sacrifice myself”

The week of Benjamin Maréchal, who spoke to a mother who apologizes for offering such a life of stress to her daughters: “Meat? It’s for my children, I sacrifice myself”

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I talked to

It’s 6 p.m., I’m waiting for the face-to-face between Christophe Deborsu and Alexander De Croo to start. We are in a Colruyt which serves as the setting for the show. When I approach Virginie in the mustard section, I have not yet read her text. I was just told it was heartbreaking and had been shared 12,000 times.

Virginie, with a long graying mane, is not a TV pro, but she doesn’t seem to be impressed. I attack the conversation. What’s the bomb that set it all off for you? “I am a mother of three daughters, 11-year-old twins and an older disabled daughter. I live in Dinant. My bomb, what is it? These are the 450 euros of diesel that I have to spend to go to work in Fleurus. I am a truck driver. A few minutes later, I will hear Virginie tell live on television that she no longer eats meat, that she no longer has enough money to feed everyone and that she reserves the meat for her children.

Virginie, talented author

Virginie came that evening with her husband. “I drive during the day and he drives at night. We never see each other. Besides, we often wonder if we are going to support each other at the boarding house. The note of humor relaxes the atmosphere a little. Virginie’s life intrigues me, but I don’t want to bombard her with questions. I hate that moment when you feel like you’re using others to write an article. I drop my pen and my notebook, for the grimness of things, we understand I think.

What strikes me about this mom is the choice of weapons. Virginia writes. “4 or 5 years ago, I created a private Facebook group where I write for my daughters. In the truck I also have a small notebook where I write down my moods. Sometimes I read excerpts to my children. Curious, I pull out my smartphone to join the group Virgine has just told me about, but she reframes me directly. “No, it’s not a group for the public, it’s a group that I created for myself. I’m alone in this private group, it’s just that I write my texts there.

Before leaving for the set, Virginie makes me read one of her reflections on her job. “In the morning you are free, in the evening you want to let go of everything”. I read and enjoy. A few minutes ago, this lady was still just another witness to the crisis on TV sets. From now on, Virginie is in my eyes a talented author.

I groaned

This week I grumbled – rode in the city center of Liège. I never thought I’d write that one day, but with this tram it’s an even worse mess than the one in Brussels.

Before, driving in Brussels was “just a little nightmare”… Since the Good Move plan and the works in the tunnels of the small belt, it has become hell. Last week, it took me 1h15 to go from Place Meiser to 16 rue de la Loi. A little more, I was late at the Prime Minister.

Any reporter will tell you, there is no worse place than a city center. And yet, on Thursday, I had an appointment with Laurence Piret in the center of Liège, near the Grande Poste, a new trendy coworking center. My chief editor had recommended the St Denis car park to me. Simple on paper except in a city that installs the tram. In reality, the car park is at the end of 1,000 one-way streets and 4 diversion panels.

We are then expected in Herstal. After 35 minutes on the road, I begin to doubt my colleague. We certainly walked along the holes and the gutted roads on the banks of the Meuse, but the journey seems abnormally long to me. Usually Herstal is nearby but there… I suspect my co-pilot of wanting to kidnap me for a ransom.

of videos

On the way back, we park near the university. I have an appointment at 4:30 p.m. at the Saperlipopette bakery, a reference in the area. Needless to consider the car, I embark my three bags of equipment and cross the city on foot. Under my jacket, an ocean of sweat. I arrive oozing, I hate it.

Back at the editorial office, Laurence encourages me to write about Liège. I point out to him that everyone has already talked about the tram and that I arrive a little late. “Nenni huh mchou, it’s going to be fun,” she told me with a Liège accent. In this case…

I saw

Angèle’s “pepete”

On TikTok, the @angele_actus channel is to Angèle’s news what BFM TV is to world news, that is to say an inexhaustible source of information. Thanks to an excerpt from an interview carried out on “M radio”, we learn why Pepete, Angèle’s dog, is called Pepete. No, it’s not a tribute to the “Bronzés are skiing” as the host of the morning show thought, it’s a Belgian reference. “Pepete with us in Belgium means buttocks but as I live in France nobody knows it”. Inspired commentary from the host in the wake: “And she has beautiful pepetes, Pepete”?


Natasha St Pier without makeup

The event is worth what it’s worth but singer Natasha St Pier has just started. “Hello, I arrive on TikTok, I arrive without makeup, I arrive without hairstyle and I arrive without knowing how it works”. We will have to see in the coming days if the Canadian (now based in France) will create gag content or tutorial type content. For now, she only has 4 videos including one on anatomy. “Women, for example, know how to extend their arms, while leaving their forearms together when their hands are joined”. Men can’t do it. I tested, she is right.


The cucumber peeler

You knew there was a cucumber peeling machine. This week on his TikTok channel @lecantinier, a cook triggers a slight panic in the viewer. Alone in front of dozens of cucumbers being rinsed in the sink, the man wonders how to peel so many cucumbers in one go. “With a bursar, no! With a knife, noooo! But with a cucumber peeler. For anyone peeling at home, the machine is pretty awesome. In a second, everything is peeled. I want one.