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The wedding of Princess Giacinta Ruspoli in the presence of royal guests in Vignanello

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Princess Giacinta Ruspoli got married this Saturday September 10, 2022 in Vignanello, in the presence of prestigious guests. Princes and princesses jostled in Vignanello to attend the wedding of the princess with Alessio Rossi.

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Lavish wedding of Princess Giacinta Ruspoli

Members of the Royal Family of the Two Sicilies, the Royal Family of Libya, the Imperial Family of Russia and even a granddaughter of Empress Farah of Iran were present at the wedding of Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, daughter of Prince Sforza and Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli. Princess Giacinta married Alessio Rossi in the Collegiate Church of Saint Mary in Vignanello, 70 km north of Rome, this Saturday September 10, 2022.

Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, daughter of Prince Sforza and Princess Anna Maria, was married on September 10, 2022 in Vignanello (Photo: David Nivière)
Giacinta Ruspoli’s marriage to Alessio Rossi was celebrated in the church of Vignanello, built by her ancestor in the early 18th century (Photo: David Nivière)

Princess Giacinta, who wore a tiara, veil, long train and lace dress, married Alessio Rossi in a church built by her ancestor. The Collegiate Church of Saint Mary of Vignanello was built between 1710 and 1723, at the request of Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, Count of Vignanello, who would become the 1st Prince of Cerveteri. The new church was erected on the foundations of an old Romanesque church. Francesco Maria Ruspoli was also the nephew of Michelangelo Conti, better known as Pope Innocent XIII.

Giacinta and Alession said yes in front of an audience of prestigious guests (Photo: David Nivière)
Photos from the wedding of Princess Giacinta Ruspoli and Alessio Rossi (Photo: David Nivière)

The Ruspoli family is one of the oldest Italian nobility families. Its origins go back to a certain Lorenzo Ruspoli, originally from Florence, in the 13th century. The Ruspoli family died out in the male line in the 16th century. To preserve the family, Vittoria Ruspoli, who had married Sforza Vicino Marescotti, Count of Vignanello, was able to transmit her name to her son Alessandro. From this time, the Ruspoli are associated with the title of Count of Vignanello. Influential bankers, close to several popes, high officials, the Ruspoli occupied very important positions throughout the centuries.

Guard of honor for the newlyweds in the village of Vignanello (Photo: David Nivière)

In 1705, Francesco Maria Ruspoli, 6th Count of Vignanello, inherited the title of Marquis of Cerveteri, a marquisate who was elevated to a principality in 1709 by Pope Clement XI. In 1725, Pope Benedict XIII also granted him the hereditary title of Roman prince. In 1792, the 3rd Prince of Cerveteri received the title of Prince of the Holy Empire from Emperor Francis II. The head of the Ruspoli family also received the hereditary functions of Grand Master of the Sacred Apostolic Hospital in 1808, a function within the Pontifical Household.

Ruspoli lineage, Princes of Cerveteri, descendants of Mario Scoto, up to Princess Giacinta Ruspoli (Image: Histoires Royales)

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The royal guests at the Ruspoli castle in Vignanello

Many personalities and members of the Gotha went to the wedding of Princess Giacinta in Vignanello. It is in this town in the province of Viterbo that the Ruspoli castle is located, a property built in 1574 on land donated by Pope Clement VII, some thirty years earlier to Beatrice Farnese. The next pope, Paul III, himself a Farnese, raised the lands of Vignanello to a county. Beatrice Farnese’s daughter, Ottavia Orsini, married Marcantonio Marescotti. Their son married the last Ruspoli.

Princess Martine Bernheim Orsini and Prince Domenico Napoleone Orsini (Photo: David Nivière)

Of course, Prince Francesco Ruspoli, 10th Prince of Cerveteri and 15th Count of Vignanello, current head of the princely family, was present at his cousin’s wedding, along with his wife, Princess Angelica. Angelica, née Visconti, is the granddaughter of famous shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo. After the ceremony, the prestigious guests headed for the Ruspoli castle in Vignanello.

Prince Francesco Ruspoli, 10th Prince of Cerveteri and 15th Count of Vignanello, current head of the princely family, and his wife, Princess Angelica (Image: Royal Histories)
Prince Pierre and Princess Sylvie of Arenberg in Italy (Photo: David Nivière)
Fireworks when cutting the cake, in the gardens of Ruspoli castle (Photo: David Nivière)

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Among the royal guests at the wedding are the Hereditary Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia and his wife, Princess Victoria Romanovna. Also present were Prince Charles de Bourbon des Deux-Siciles, Duke of Castro, as well as Prince Édouard de Ligne-La Trémoille and his wife Isabella.

Prince Edouard and Princess Isabella de Ligne-La Trémoille with Princess Victoria Romanovna and Hereditary Grand Duke Georges Mikhaïlovitch of Russia (Photo: David Nivière)
Prince Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, guest at the wedding of Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, with her mother-in-law, Edoarda Crociani (Photo: David Nivière)
Princess Caroline Murat and her husband, Antoine Turzi (Photo: David Nivière)

Among the couple’s relatives, we found Jean-Sébastien Robine, Tracey Amon, Baron Mariofilippo Brambilla di Carpiano, Ilaria Mazzetti, Princess Caroline Murat, Prince Domenico Napoleone Orsini and Princess Martine Bernheim Orsini or even Princess Ira de Fürstenberg . Iryana Leila Pahlavi, granddaughter of Empress Farah of Iran and posthumous daughter of Prince Ali-Reza, was present with her mother, Dr Raha Didevar.

Baron Gregorio di Giacomo di Giampaolo and Duchess Maria Gabriella Balbo Bertone di Sambuy (Photo: David Nivière)
Princess Elettra Marconi and Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi with his wife, Princess Vittoria Giovanelli Marconi (Photo: David Nivière)
Baron Mariofilippo Brambilla di Carpiano and Ilaria Mazzetti (Photo: David Nivière)
Iryana Leila Pahlavi, granddaughter of Empress Farah of Iran with her mother, Dr Raha Didevar (Photo: David Nivière)

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We also saw Prince Pierre and Princess Sylvie of Arenberg or even Prince Alvara of Orléans-Bourbon with his wife, Princess Antonella, and their daughter, Princess Eulalia. The Libyan royal family was represented by Prince Idris bin Abdullah al-Senussi, his wife, Princess Anna Maria, and their son, Prince Khaled al-Senussi.

Prince Alvaro, Princess Antonella and Princess Eulalia of Orléans-Bourbon (Photo: David Nivière)
Prince Idris el-Sanussi with Princess Anna Maria and their son, Prince Khaled, of the Libyan Royal Family (Photo: David Nivière)

Princess Giacinta is the daughter of Prince Sforza, son of the 8th Prince of Cerveteri, brother of the 9th Prince and uncle of the 10th Prince of Cerveteri. The mother of the bride is Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli, born Maria Pia Giancaro. The princess had a career as an actress and model in the 70s. She was elected Miss Sicily and competed in Miss Italy in 1968.

Princess Ira of Fürstenberg and Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli, mother of the bride (Photo: David Nivière)
Jean-Sébastien Robine and Tracey Amon in front of the church in Vignanello (Photo: David Nivière)

The Ruspoli family died out in the 16th century but continued in an agnatic line, through the marriage of Vittoria Ruspoli with Sforza Vicino Marescotti. The Marescotti family traces its origins back to the 8th century with Mario Scot or “Scotland Mario”. This Scottish soldier is originally from Galloway. He was sent by King Eaochaid IV to lead Scottish troops in Lombardy, in support of Charlemagne. His descendants, who took the name of Marescotti, are divided into several branches.

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