You are currently viewing The Watcher on Netflix: the real house is taken over by fans

The Watcher on Netflix: the real house is taken over by fans

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The success of Netflix series “The Watcher” is not without consequences for the inhabitants of the real house, now targeted by fans.

Guarded by police officers and protected by barriers, the house that inspired the series The Watcher has become the new attraction in the town of Westfield. To the chagrin of the owners, hundreds of curious people went to 657 Boulevard to see the house a little closer.

The local New Jersey media informs that long lines of cars are constantly passing in front of the building. Asked about the subject, a resident explains:

We are concerned for the family currently living there and their neighbors. I can’t imagine how long it’s going to be before people move on and everything gets back to normal. Not to mention the ton of mail owners must receive.


Image from “The Watcher” series.

Yellow boundary strips have been installed to preserve a security perimeter. One of the passers-by drove 25 minutes to see the house with her own eyes: “I wanted to see it because the story is very interesting. It’s a beautiful house, there’s nothing scary about it.”

A neighbor who lives around the corner criticizes the series for showing a poor image of the town of Westfield, New Jersey. If The Watcher was not filmed there, the plot uses the address of the real house. The mayor and the police refused to answer questions.

The real family, victims of the crow in 2014, sold the rights to their story to Netflix for the purposes of the adaptation. The new owners have never received a letter from the Watcher since moving in.

The Watcher is available on Netflix.