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The war continues between Elon Musk and the former boss of Twitter

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According to documents released Monday, Mr. Dorsey was ordered to give Mr. Musk any records or communications related to the takeover deal made in April, as well as any information about fake accounts or how Twitter calculates the number of its active users.

All documents available on these subjects at Jack Dorsey since January 2019 are concerned.

Mr. Dorsey stepped down as Twitter’s chief executive in November.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, had signed a 44 billion dollar agreement to buy the social network, before breaking it unilaterally in early July.

He believes that Twitter lied about the proportion of automated accounts and spam on its platform, and even claims that the social network “fraud” by deliberately increasing the number of monetizable accounts.

The social network, he says that spam only represents less than 5% of users.

As soon as the takeover agreement was broken, Twitter sued Mr. Musk to force him to honor his promise. Elon Musk counterattacked, with a complaint in which he asks the court to release him from the agreement and order Twitter to pay him damages.

Lawyers for both parties have been waging a fierce battle for weeks with subpoenas and injunctions to provide documents.

A trial is due to open on October 17 before the Delaware Court of Chancery, a court specializing in business law, and last five days. (