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The Very Surprising Daily Demands of King Charles III

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Nicknamed until now “the pampered prince”, King Charles III has very specific requirements for his daily routine.

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Will the new King Charles III be as demanding as when he was a prince? Nicknamed “the pampered prince” by the staff of Clarence House, where he lived with Camilla until his accession to the throne, Charles has always had very particular daily habits and requirements, reports the New York Post.

Indeed, according to Paul Burrell, who served as butler to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, “ everything has always been done for Charles III, according to his demands.

His pajamas are ironed every morning, as are his shoelaces. The water in his bath should be just lukewarm and the tub only half full. enumerates the former butler. His servants must also deposit ” two centimeters of toothpaste on his toothbrush every morning “. He also always eats the same biscuits at the end of meals, which must be reheated to a very specific temperature.

When he is away from home, Charles takes many personal things with him, so as not to change his habits. So, according to a former member of royal staff, the new British monarch travels with his breakfast box, filled with several honeys and mueslis. He even takes furniture with him when he dislodges, photos and… his own toilet seat…