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The trick to see messages from someone who blocked you on WhatsApp without them knowing

WhatsApp, is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications around the world. For privacy reasons, an interlocutor can block you and thus delete the messages from your conversation. There is a trick to be able to recover them.

The messaging app has a feature that allows you to block certain contacts from sending you messages and calls. A tool also useful in cases of receiving questionable content or spam, situations in which these users can also be reported. Blocking a contact is usually accompanied by the deletion of the chat, which means the loss of all messages.

Still, there are some tricks that allow you to get around the rules in these situations. There is a little-known trick on the WhatsApp app to see deleted messages from someone you have blocked or who has blocked you without them knowing. This shortcut is completely safe because it does not require the installation of any third-party application or program, but uses one of the functions of WhatsApp.

block someone on whatsapp

Block someone on WhatsApp – Source: spm

There are times when you have no choice but to block someone on WhatsApp, especially if you want to cut off all means of communication. You can even delete all received messages and even the conversation with this user. But in some cases, you want to recover the conversation.

If you need to review the messages of a contact who has blocked you or that you have blocked and, thus, review the conversation you had, you can always use a little-known WhatsApp trick. Only, there is a small condition for this shortcut to work: you must not have made a recent backup.

This trick can be used on both Android and iPhone devices and its operation is quite simple. The first thing to do, once the person has blocked you or you have blocked them, is to uninstall the WhatsApp application from your mobile phone. After that, you will have to reinstall the application on your smartphone, open it and add the requested verification code.

At this point, WhatsApp will tell you if you want to restore the last backup, you will have to click on “Yes” to see all the old messages appear again, including those from the person you can no longer contact. However, the backup copy must have been made before your blocking.

Install WhatsApp app

Install the WhatsApp application – Source: spm

WhatsApp doesn’t notify you when someone has blocked you in the app to protect your caller’s privacy, but there are a series of clues to find out. First, if you don’t see the contact’s “last seen” or online status information in the chat window. Another thing to consider is that you can no longer see the contact’s profile picture.

Another way to tell if someone has blocked you is to see that when you send messages to them, they appear with only one tick, which indicates that they have been sent, but never with the second tick, which confirms that they have been received. Similarly, the fact of no longer being able to call your interlocutor is another strong indication.

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