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The trick to paying Amazon Prime twice as much – Geeko

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Here’s how to legally bypass the Prime subscription price hike.

We announced it to you yesterday morning, the e-commerce giant announces an increase in its prices for its Prime subscriptions throughout Europe. A formula that guarantees the receipt of packages in one working day and allows you to subscribe to the Prime Video streaming platform. In Belgium and France, the Prime subscription will therefore increase from 5.99 to 6.99 euros per month, and from 49 to 69.9 euros per year. The changes will take effect on September 15, or the customer’s next subscription renewal date.

Following this announcement, our colleagues from the Future remind that Belgian customers have the right to subscribe to Amazon Prime via the Dutch site And this, at the preferential price of 2.99 euros per month. Note, however, that this formula offers less varied services.

The Dutch solution

Only Belgian customers who subscribe and connect to their Prime account via the French-speaking site are affected by this new price. To avoid this new price, the solution would therefore be to go through the Dutch version of the site, For the time being, Dutch customers continue to benefit from a preferential rate of 2.99 euros per month. This is 4 euros less than the 6.99 euros now in force in the flat country.

Of course, even by subscribing to the subscription via the site of our neighbors, customers will be able to benefit from free delivery the day following their online order on Amazon, ensures the Future. And this, “it doesn’t matter if you live in Belgium”. Moreover, the registration form accepts Belgian addresses and telephone numbers. L’Avenir even notes a price difference for certain items, offered at lower prices on But, there is a but”.

The differences

The website interface can only be viewed in English or Dutch. The Prime Video streaming service is available in French. Subscribers in the Netherlands therefore have, a priori, access to the same catalog as Prime subscribers in France. Quite simply because a Belgian catalog is not linked to the location of the subscription, but to the local market offers.

Another minus, the Dutch version of Amazon Prime does not offer Amazon Music Prime services, a music streaming platform, Prime Reading, which allows Prime members to access and read more than a thousand books or magazines , and the audiobook and audio-creation app Audible. Likewise, this subscription does not offer priority access to flash sales.

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