The Tegra239 used in the future Switch?

ConsolesAn NVIDIA employee has leaked support information for the Tegra239 processor. There have been rumors of new Tegra series processors since 2021 for a purported successor console to the current Switch releases. The Tegra family is used in portable devices such as tablets, smartphones and the Nintendo Switch (Tegra X1). Sumit Gupt’s leaked email contains technical details about Tegra239 processor support on the Lore Kernel page. The document reveals snippets of code used in initializing a system from CPU and memory settings. This leak sparked a Reddit debate comparing the new data to rumors posted on Twitter regarding graphical improvements and ray-tracing support. Ray Tracing technology has the advantage of improving the definition, transparency and reflection of light from the transformation of light on the surface that comes into contact, making the graphics of the game more beautiful and touchable.

The graphics processing of the alleged next-gen Nintendo Switch would feature NVIDIA Lovelace resources and an API with DLSS 2.2 that improves the image with visual fixes and increases the performance in frames per second (fps). The increase in fps makes movements more agile, fluid and precise. This generates fluidity in animation, character and camera movements, especially in competitive games. Another advantage is the reduction of the dizziness and motion sickness effect that affects some players. Nintendo has yet to announce a successor or upgraded model for its latest release, the Switch OLED. The console has sold 111.08 million units and continues to dominate sales worldwide, indicating that the Switch’s lifecycle may still be far from over.